Exploring the Enchanting World of Tingsha Bells

Exploring the Enchanting World of Tingsha Bells

Harmony in Sound

Harmony in Sound: Exploring the Enchanting World of Tingsha Bells – I recently acquired some Tingsha Bells that I now use in various ways of my holistic practises such as to start meditation, to cleanse my crystals, at the beginning of a reiki session over the body of a client, to cleanse a room etc. It has become a well-used and well-loved addition to my personal Sound Healing collection and something that instantly sets the tone and removes distraction.

Exploring the Enchanting World of Tingsha Bells

Tibetan Tingsha Bells, also known as chimes, trace back to ancient Tibet and have deep historical and cultural symbolism in Buddhist traditions. Not only do these chimes provide harmonious sound but they also enhance mindfulness and facilitate meditation practices. The sound of the bells helps to draw your attention to the present moment, create a sacred space, purify the environment, and invite positive energies.

Tingsha Bells are essentially two small metal cymbals that are attached together with a leather strap or chain. When the two cymbals are struck together, they create a very pure, clear high-pitched tone.

You can get a variety of sizes which produce different frequencies depending on the size. For example, a large size Tingsha emits a low-toned sound that vibrates for a longer period of time compared to a smaller sized Tingsha. The use of different Tingsha Bells can help to connect to certain areas of the mind and body to aid healing.

Gold, Mercury, Copper, Silver, Iron, Tin, and Lead are the seven metals used to make Tingsha Bells by hand that produce a strong sound, vibration and frequency which can reach 2000 Hertz and beyond. Every metal has its own significance with regards to the planets and days of the week. Gold represents the Sun and Sunday, Silver is connected to the Moon and Monday, Mercury is related to Mercury and Tuesday, Copper is linked to Venus and Wednesday, Iron is associated with Mars and Thursday, Tin is linked to Jupiter and Friday and finally Lead is correlated to Saturn and Saturday.

Antique Tingsha Bells are made of unique bronze alloys which create harmonic overtones that are typically used in combination with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, music, and sound healing which help to generate a sense of peace and calmness. These unique bells are handmade using methods of carving, etching, and engraving of Tibetan mantras and symbols. The mantras that are used include:

  • OM which represents the vibration of the universe, divine energy, generosity and purifies the ego.
  • MA which represents the purification and ethics of jealously and entertainment.
  • NI which represents patience and purifies passion and desire.
  • PAD which represents diligence and purifies ignorance and judgement.
  • ME which represents concentration and purifies attachments.
  • HUM which represents wisdom and purifies aggressions and haters.

The 8 symbols commonly depicted on Tingsha Bells include:

  • Golden fish which represent breath, life force, abundance, and freedom.
  • Parasol which represents protection and expansiveness.
  • Treasure vase which represents health, longevity, prosperity, and empowerment.
  • Lotus which symbolises purity of the mind, body and speech as well as representing spiritual awakening and faithfulness.
  • Conch shell which represents education and self-care as well as prevention of natural disasters and driving away any negative or evil spirits.
  • Endless knot which represents everything in life that is interwoven and connected.
  • Victory banner which represents happiness in life and overcoming.
  • Dharma wheel which represents the never-ending journey of self-improvement.

There are also Tingsha Bells that have a simpler design that have no carvings or symbolism on which have proved to be the most popular kind of chimes. In fact, traditionally the Tingsha Bells used to be plain.

You may be thinking, what’s all this talk about frequency and why is it so important? Well, we are surrounded by vibrations and everything that vibrates, vibrates at a certain frequency. Certain frequencies can cause our mind and body to heal such as the frequency of the Tingsha Bells. The frequency of the Tingsha Bells can bring the mind into an aware state and when we are in this state the sound, vibrations and frequency helps maintain peace and calmness to free us from our disturbed and chaotic mind. When the tingsha bell frequency matches to our body frequency it then starts to affect us which can soothe us and remove the build up from our daily life which in turn cleanses and heals us.

Not only can Tingsha Bells benefit our physical health such as relief from pain including arthritis, menstrual pain, post-surgery pains etc. but also, they can provide mental health benefits too. For instance: healing auras, shifting the mind into a meditative state, toning, relief from stress, depression, grief, anger, and anxiety as well as space clearing/ cleansing.

The musical tone of Tingsha Bells encourages us to settle into the present moment and find, expand, or reignite our spiritual connection by listening and opening ourselves up to the healing power of sacred sound.

If you’re interested in finding a new way to ground yourself and allow your mind to be transported by the frequency of these chimes, then perhaps investing in some Tibetan Tingsha Bells could be a simple and effective way of tuning out the negativity and returning to the present moment.

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