Dress for success

Dress for success

This is how you use the power of fashion for more success and self-confidence

Dress for success: This is how you use the power of fashion for more success and self-confidence.

Professional, impeccable, classic, and elegant – these are the four words that capture the essence of office style, also known as business. As the name suggests, this style is found in professional environments with specific dress codes. While in some companies, there is a slightly more permissive dress code, smart casual or business casual, in others, the only accepted and encouraged dress code is the formal business one – we will discuss it in today’s article!

Creating an impeccable office outfit is a clothing mission that requires maximum attention, especially since it can influence the impression of the people you will come into contact with: your employer, your boss, or various business partners. That’s why we’re here to support both ladies and gentlemen with a series of tips to help them make wise choices whenever they need to be on the go. We invite you, therefore, to discover what things to take into account so that you leave a professional impression:

Feminine office style

Classic pieces will always be the wisest choices, whether you have been invited to a job interview in a big company or work in an environment where you have meetings and meetings every day with people whose professional status is very important. We recommend that you follow valid general advice: always go for impeccably tailored items, crafted with all due attention to detail, that benefit you from every point of view. In addition to this, here are the details to keep in mind depending on the clothes you choose:


The female office suit is an immortal proof of good taste and professionalism. Depending on your style and preferences, go for the jacket and skirt suit or the jacket and pants suit. Whichever option you choose, pay attention to colour: conservative, sober colours such as black and navy are recommended.

Consider its length if you prefer the more feminine version of the skirt, generally pencil type. In professional environments, it is recommended to be as close to the knee as possible, even up to the knee.

The plain white shirt is also an office suit staple. Opt for a classic, elegant cut that sits perfectly on your body and creates a successful clothing mix with the rest of the outfit. For an elegant appearance, wearing it in trousers or a skirt is necessary.


Maybe sometimes, especially in the warm season, you want to replace the classic black suit with an office dress. You can make this change confidently, especially since black dresses or other neutral colours will always remain a symbol of feminine elegance. For added elegance, complete your outfit with a simple jacket. At the same time, as in the case of the skirt, respect the recommended length up to the knees, and make sure that the chosen model is not low-cut or transparent.


When choosing shoes for an impeccable office outfit, there are some criteria that you should respect: the shoes must be made of natural leather, closed at the top, in decent colours, and with a maximum heel height. There are a variety of elegant women’s shoe models on the market that meet all these qualities and, more than that, offer you the comfort you want – because it’s essential to feel at ease in any context, including when you have a few meetings in one day.

Also, pay attention to the details, as they will always make a difference. Opt for a small number of simple and fine accessories, go for a hairstyle that flatters you and highlights your features, and generally choose simplicity – whether it’s the colour of your nail polish or the leather bag you’re carrying.

Masculine office style

If the office outfit is a bit more versatile in the case of women, this is different for men: the suit is the only clothing option. Thus, you would say that things seem simple at first glance, but in your case, too, the details make the difference. So here are the things to keep in mind every time:


The office suit is generally navy blue, but you can also go for other sober shades, such as dark grey. Also, small exceptions are allowed in the warm season so you can wear lighter grey shades.

As for the shirt, it’s good to have at least one white, a plain model with an impeccable cut in your wardrobe. However, if you need to add a little colour to your outfit, shades of blue or beige are also safe options that you can wear confidently.


Elegant men’s shoes are the ideal choice for an office outfit that meets all clothing requirements. Crafted with care and attention to every detail, classic, high-quality genuine leather will complete your outfit, adding a touch of masculine sophistication.

The accessories

And in the case of accessories, the key is simplicity. Opt, therefore, for simple, elegant designs, whether it’s a tie, socks, or pocket square. At the same time, consider the chromatic balance: white is recommended for the handkerchief, the socks must be in the shade similar to the trousers, and the tie – either black or navy blue.

Men and women should always have an office bag in their wardrobe that is roomy enough for documents, laptops and valuables. Therefore, choosing a bag that takes the office outfit out of anonymity and is practical and stylish at the same time is a must-have. Always select a classic, timeless leather bag in neutral colours. LEONTHE office bags for men and women are that choice you can never go wrong with!

Keeping in mind the tips above, you can create an impeccable office outfit that meets authentic elegance’s standards. Thus, you will inspire professionalism not only through your attitude and what you say but also through the clothing chosen with due attention to all the details.

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