Decode Your Dreams

Decode Your Dreams

Decode Your Dreams – Dreaming happens to us all, although many of us upon waking may never remember them. Many sleep experts estimate that we may have between 3-6 dreams per night and about 95% of the content of these dreams is forgotten the following day.

Decode Your Dreams by Dream Psychologist Ian Wallace is an enlightening guide on how to become your own dream expert and mentor. The book will help to unlock your unconscious and transform your waking life, empowering you to make dreams come true.

It contains powerful tools for processing our fears, desires, anxieties, and dilemmas, dreams reflect your recent state of mind, future possibilities, and changes that you have experienced.

Most people dream about their life experiences and concerns, and most dreams incorporate sights, sounds, and emotions, along with other sensory experiences like smells and tastes. Although your nightly dreams and your daily life may seem to have no connection, they are both primarily driven by a deeper level of self-awareness that we all possess. This more elemental understanding of yourself is a natural human quality and is known as your unconscious awareness.

Working my way through the book, gave me a better understanding of dreams. It explains that dreams don’t just happen to you; you actually happen to your dreams. You create everything in your dreams. Every person you encounter, every place you go, and every event you experience is generated by your unconscious self. By understanding why you create your unique dream content, you invariably achieve a profound understanding of who you really are, what you really need, and what you really believe.

This is also true for your dreams in waking life. Your greatest ambitions and deepest aspirations don’t just happen to you – you must actively create them. By using the unconscious understanding you create every night in your dreams, you can connect far more deeply and successfully with your lifetime ambitions and aspirations.

Decode Your Dreams empowers you with all you need to know, from unlocking your unconscious and learning how it influences your experiences, to creating positive life changes when considering these insights.

The easy-to-use guide offers an original, two-step method that nurtures the connection between the ever-evolving unconscious and conscious mind for transformational results. Wallace explains how to decipher dream meanings before answering each diagnosis with suggested waking-life actions. Reflect on the best solutions to recurring daily dilemmas, identify and heal anxieties that are holding you back, and confront and seize new opportunities to pursue your passions.

  • Begin by unlocking the Power of Dreams – understanding what dreams are and gaining the necessary tools for decoding, remembering, finding wisdom in, and taking inspiration from your dreams.
  • Explore key life themes including Love & Sex, Relationships & Family, Birth & Death, Work & Play, Wealth & Health, Travel & Discovery, and Purpose & Potential with each chapter.
  • Decode Over 90 Dreams summarised one-by-one, complete with Dream Meanings, Dream Interpretation Tips, Personal Insight Questions and Dream Actions to take your analysis further and start working towards your waking-life goals.
  • Discover Other Connected Dreams within each scenario to find surprising insights and help on subjects close to your heart.
  • Make Your Dreams Come True in the concluding chapter, featuring simple ways to turn dreams into reality through action.

I found this an intriguing book, which I enjoyed very much. It taught me a process to help me remember my dreams, giving me the opportunity to then decipher them.

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