De-Cluttering Your Space

De-Cluttering Your Space

De-Cluttering Your Space – With many of us now based at home, what better opportunity is there to have a good sort-out. Now is the time to remove all the unwanted clutter, old unused furniture, toys and household whares to release a more streamlined space for you all to enjoy.

Not only does it help relieve stress by providing a sense of control, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment particularly if you are working as a team with other members of the family.

Too much clutter in your immediate surroundings can drain you of energy, not only does it take you longer to find something, your frustration can lead to irritation which doesn’t help the ambience of the space you are sharing with others.  

Whether it is your home, office, garage or garden, clearing and streamlining your surroundings can lead the way to a clearer headspace. This certainly goes for your attic too, the brain space of your home. You may find if you clear the unwanted debris from your attic or roof space this can help to cleanse your mind. 

Once the charity shops reopen, they will be grateful for your donations and if you have furniture or larger items to remove you can utilise a local van hire, learn more about Belfast man and vans offering a selection of van sizes for your transport requirements, they will take the hard work out of that transportation process for you.

The most logical way to approach decluttering is to make a plan and attempt one room and one area of it at a time, the rest will then naturally fall into place.

Kitchen Cupboard – One of the most usual area for gathering unwanted clutter is the kitchen, particularly the cupboards. Take a moment to think about how often you use your items, if you have not touched them for the past year, it is certainly time to let them go!

Wardrobe – I think we probably all carry too much excess clothing when it come to the wardrobe, shoes, hats, coats etc etc. 

We generally only wear 20 per cent of the clothes we own 80 per cent of the time. Ask yourself – are you wearing them? How often do you wear them? Is it still in fashion? Does it still fit? Take these points into account and decide whether it is time to part with your unwanted clothing or hang onto them for another season.

Cosmetic Drawer – It is worth noting that cosmetics, skincare and fragrance do actually go out of date. For hygiene reasons, it is worth noting this point to prevent unnecessary irritations to the skin. I for one am rather a hoarder and will hang onto things for longer than I should. Therefore, it is a brave step clearing out this particular precious space!

Kids Toys – The 80/20 rule works for toys too, video games, computer parts, books, DVDs, your mission is to get rid of the things you don’t use 80 per cent of the time.

Basement/attic – Many of us hold onto items for sentimental value, however, if there is no use for that old wedding dress, broken picture frame, extra bedding (just in case you have a visitor to stay) it is time to say goodbye.

Garden shed – I for one have many duplicated tools for no reason at all, half empty paint pots which have now dried up, yes, its time to let them go.

De-Cluttering Your Space
Tidy tools are easier to find!

Office – For most people, office clutter consists of piles of bills, important documents, receipts and other pieces of paper you “intended” to get to. When cleaning up an office or workspace, it’s best to start with clearing your desk and surface areas. Follow that through with your drawers and filing cabinets.

After you’ve made the decision to get rid of some of the clutter in your home, sleep on it. If there’s something you feel you can’t live without, you can pull it out of the bin and put it away.

Good luck!

Lilly Light

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