Creative Play Starts with Dantoy

Creative Play Starts with Dantoy

Creative Play Starts with Dantoy – As the weather improves it is great to get outside as much as we can. Not only is it a great excuse to reduce a child’s screen time but it helps them learn about the environment around them. Dantoy has created a wonderful green baking set that will provide endless fun outdoors and in. With its complete baking set, a child’s imagination can run free.

The Baking Set is great for creative play. The design encourages kids to create endless imaginative games together and independently. Building children’s confidence and physical development through play.

Roleplay improves hand-to-eye coordination and promotes child and adult interaction. Children possess an inherent interest in what other people do. Pretend play helps the child realise the actions that he or she knows. Children at the age of 1 to 4 often imitate the actions of others, and this develops the child physically and mentally, helping the child to become an active, creative, and healthy adult. In addition, pretend play is also very much about socialising with others. Namely taking on a role that relates to the functioning and relationships with other people. Being together is precisely what develops the child’s social skills, for example, the ability to speak to other people, the ability to share and the ability to cooperate.

Playsets can spur on a child’s imagination for hours of creative roleplay with friends and siblings as well as independently, developing fundamental communication and social skills for later in life.

Strong and Durable – Dantoy has been designing and producing high-quality toys in Denmark for more than five decades. As well as having high value play in mind, these plastic products are made to last.

Nordic Ecolabel – Dantoy ensures no harmful substances are used during the production of our toys. All their toys are made with safe materials and do not contain PVC or phthalates. Dantoy is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel and makes a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of the production of toys.

The Garden Baking Set includes a Tray, 1 sauce bottle, 1 mixing bowl, 1 can of raisins, 1 lemon, rolling pin, 2 spatulas, whisk, cutter, 2 cups, 2 eggs, 6 shape cutters, 2 plates, and cutlery.

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