Unusual Hen Weekends

Car Smash

Unusual Hen Weekends

Whilst it’s true to say that a hen weekend featuring pampering probably is, and always will be popular, the trend for the unusual hen weekend, off beat and downright wacky has grown.The opportunity to do something completely left of centre is so appealing to those hens wanting a weekend to remember. This is the perfect excuse to try something completely new, have a laugh or maybe challenge yourself.

It is also proving to be the case that the Hens are certainly matching the Stags with no activity proving too macho for them.

We asked our friends at Freedom, hen party planners since 1996, what would feature under the title of ‘unusual’.

Car Smash

Yes really, we’re not joking, you get to smash a car to smithereens, how satisfying would that be. Feeling a bit stressed about the upcoming wedding, fear not, this will give you the perfect outlet.

Charlies Angels

Why should the stags have all the fun with a gun? Showing some Girl Power. Activities range from driving an all-terrain vehicle to shooting a machine gun. Go and master the skills of the super agent and make Charlie proud.

Blindfold Driving

Ever tried to close your eyes and drive at the same time? With your friend to guide you, you can drive blindfold around the circuit in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Trust your mates to keep you on the straight and narrow. Doesn’t affect your own car insurance, phew.

TV Movie Tours

Get all star struck as you get up close and personal to the scenes filmed in some of your much-loved TV shows and movies. Harry Potter, James Bond, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Emmerdale, Gavin and Stacy. Does your favourite appear in there somewhere? Cameras at the ready.

Mud Warrior

You will get very very muddy and there’s a high chance you could break a nail, but that’s not deterring our hens. Say goodbye to the treadmill and hello to a mud inspired fitness circuit with obstacles thrown in

The Shoe Experience

Addicted to shoes? Yes us too!
Get asked by your partner how you can possibly need so many shoes? Yes us too!
Have even bought shoes in several colours because they were so fabulous? Yes us too!
Welcome to the shoe-a-holic club. This Shoe Experience activity is just for you, non-club members can stay away... they just won't appreciate it.

Shop for shoes the celebrity way with your Shoe Consultant and after all her top tips, some nibbles and fizz, it’s off to a top London Store to shop.

Poppy Watt