4 Ways For Female Professionals To Make The Most Of Their Daily Commute

4 Ways For Female Professionals To Make The Most Of Their Daily Commute

If you are a conscientious working woman that’s desperate to make more time for yourself during the week, one of the most effective ways to maintain your productivity throughout the working day is to make the most of your early morning commute. It doesn’t matter whether you want to switch off from your workload to relax the mind or focus solely on your to-do list and get the ball rolling, there are many ways you can maximise those precious minutes on the train, bus or even in car traffic.

Zone out and listen to some audiobooks

If you are someone that is looking to work their way up the career ladder and continue to enhance their industry knowledge, you may consider using your daily commute to listen to self-help audio books or industry podcasts. It is scientifically proven that listening is just as beneficial for your brain as reading. The beauty of audiobooks and podcasts is that you don’t have to use your eyes. If you wish, you can even kick back, close your eyes and drift off into the topic that’s being discussed.

Utilise workflow management systems to keep on top of deadlines

If you would prefer to use your daily commuting time to ease your way into the working day, you should consider engaging with one of the main workflow or task management platforms available online. Platforms such as Trello allow you to create to-do’s and assign colleagues (or yourself) deadlines. You could look at your Trello account during your commute every morning to double-check which deadlines are pending and require chasing. Trello is particularly useful for communication too, as you can “tag” colleagues and start conversations within the platform regarding a specific task.

Relax and unwind with a spot of mobile iGaming

As smartphones and tablet devices have very much reached the mainstream worldwide, it has given app developers a kick up the collective backside to build mobile applications that allow women to enjoy their favourite video games and casino games that they would have previously played on a desktop or laptop. You can now play the best online slots UK-wide through native mobile apps as well as mobile web browsers. There are video slots that will appeal to so many female professionals, whether it’s Hollywood film franchises, TV shows in the heart of popular culture or their favourite musicians and bands. You don’t have to play for real money either. There are sites that offer play money experiences too.

Consider meditation as part of your brain’s “scheduled maintenance”

If your daily commute is typically stressful, it can be all too easy to become resentful towards it. Whether it’s busy, hot subways or trains or frustrating traffic jams, a bad commute can really get your working day off to a poor start. That’s why more commuters are learning how to meditate on their daily journeys to and from work. There are a growing number of guided meditation apps that can help you to zone out. Headspace is one of the best out there, with bite-sized mini meditation exercises available when time is short.

Hopefully, this powerful quartet of suggestions will give you something to think about and encourage you to switch-up your commuting habits for the better.

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