Complete Me Nutritional Supplements

Complete Me Nutritional Supplements

Complete Me Nutritional Supplements – It’s hard to know which vitamin stores to choose from when they are all offering such different products at varying prices. To reduce the confusion Complete Me have developed blended vitamins and supplements to give you a clear solution to your vitamin requirements.

Women Talking talks to founder Natalie Le Bouedec as to why your nutritional and wellness routine should be as important as your beauty routine and how to break the mould of countless capsules by using a range of targeted solutions.

We spend time and money, ensuring we look good on the outside, whereas we often neglect what is happening on the inside. Ultimately, changes on the inside can affect how we look and more importantly feel on the outside, giving us that all-important wellness look and glow!

What inspired you to start Complete Me?

‘Initially, to break the mould of countless capsules and create a range of targeted solutions. Each product is synergistically made to ensure it targets the reason you are taking it.

“As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I was seeing clients in my clinic and found I was often recommending not just one but multiple supplements for their issues, which meant the client had lots of different capsules and tablets to take. Not only time-consuming but expensive for the client and it often meant that compliance was low. Therefore, I wanted to design a range of supplements that were a blend of nutrients, reducing the need for multiple pills and make a range of supplements that were easy to understand for all.”

Have you always been interested in health and beauty?

“Yes, as a nutritionist, I am fascinated by how nutrients can help us function at our best and improve our health. The science behind what different nutrients do each day in our body is fantastic, and I think if more people were aware of what food can do for us, then our attitude to what we eat would be very different.”

“I believe health and beauty are very closely linked and that your skin is one of the most significant indicators of how you feel on the inside and what is happening in your body. I know that if my skin is dry, I need to drink more water and eat more water-rich foods to hydrate. If I have breakouts, I will look to what is happening with my hormones and support my body from there, from perhaps cutting down on sugar-loaded food to relaxing and reducing stress and increasing my fibre intake.”

Complete Me Nutritional Supplements

What is your most popular line? And why?

“My favourite product and the first one I developed was the ‘Let’s Glow’. I designed it after having hormonal issues myself after the birth of my second child. I tried multiple creams and capsules after having breakouts of large spots on my chin and neck to try and resolve the problem and had mixed results. Therefore, I was determined to blend nutrients that supported balancing your hormones from within, as I know the issue, I was experiencing was due to this. 

“Many skin issues with spots or blemished skin are due to imbalances in our hormones, yet our first thought is usually to put on a cream to help get rid of them. However, I believe the main issue lies internally, so all the nutrients in our ‘Let’s Glow’ product have been designed with that in mind and work externally and internally to improve the appearance of your skin.” 

What are the benefits of taking blended supplements?

“There are lots of benefits. Time is one as it stops you from having to take individual nutrients. For example, in our ‘Sleeping Beauty’ product, you would have to take 6 different tablets/or capsules versus the 2 capsules to get the same nutrients in your body. Expense again if you brought all these nutrients separately at the same doses, we have in our ‘Sleeping Beauty’ it would cost approx. £55.00 whereas our product retails for £14.99. Plus, the ability to make it easier for you to remember to take them. Lastly, I believe the nutrients work in synergy with each other. Unless you have been to see a nutritionist, you may not consider taking all those nutrients for a specific problem. So, in this way, I am passing on my knowledge of what I believe are the best nutrients for that health issue.”

Why would you need to take supplements if you have a balanced diet?

“Supplements are designed to supplement our diet and not replace a healthy balanced diet of good fats, protein, and carbohydrates. However, even if our diet is good, we can have deficiencies. This can be due to the body using up more of our nutrient stores. For example, when we get stressed, we use up Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for our immune health, collagen production, energy in our bodies, and many more functions. Also, when we exercise, we use up more B vitamins.

“We may have absorption issues, so we may be eating the right foods but cannot process them, possibly due to low stomach acid or gut issues. We might be on a restricted diet, perhaps due to intolerance, or it can be seasonal, for example, with Vitamin D in the winter months. With all these factors, supplements can then be a great way of helping prevent deficiencies that can lead to disease. If, however, you are on any medication, you must see your GP before taking supplements.”

Charge Up

Women Talking had the opportunity to try ‘Charge Up’ this helps to maintain your body’s energy cycle and is ideal for those feeling run down and tired. It has the perfect blend of ingredients to help our bodies feel recharged and energised.

How it works 

Vitamin C, B2* and B3 work together to combat tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B1 helps with energy levels whilst Alpha-Lipoic Acid acts as a powerful antioxidant.

There are six nutritional blends in the Complete Me range, for more information visit here

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