Cats Of Malta

Cats Of Malta

Family-friendly, informative, and heart-warming the documentary gives a voice to the island’s stray cats

Cats Of Malta – Having recently visited Malta, I felt a natural connection to view this documentary.

Set in Malta – the smallest and sunniest country in the European Union – Cats of Malta takes audiences on a journey through the colourful cat colonies, cat cafes, parks, and streets, but also demonstrates the power of community and the strength found from the human-animal connection and whose lives are enriched by stray cats.

Cats Of Malta

Family-friendly, informative, and heart-warming the documentary gives a voice to the island’s stray cats, all very unique characters in their own right. If you have an affection for these wonderful feline creatures, grab a box of tissues as you will shed tears of sorrow as well as joy.

Cats Of Malta provides an insight into Malta’s cat culture through a series of candid interviews with charismatic local feeders, business owners, artists, and volunteers as well as showcasing Malta’s resilient cats. Each of the interviews reveals more about Malta’s cat culture while illuminating the mental health benefits the stray felines provide locals and tourists alike. You will witness the inner workings of the island’s cat community and experience their highs and lows as the cats unite the island.

Cats Of Malta

Malta is a paradise for cat lovers, with around 100,000 stray cats occupying the Mediterranean Island. The life of a stray cat can be quite challenging and difficult. Stray cats are domestic cats that have either been abandoned or have become lost, and they are left to fend for themselves in the streets or other outdoor environments.

Efforts to improve the lives of stray cats often involve initiatives like trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs, where cats are trapped, neutered, or spayed, and then returned to their original location to prevent further reproduction. Animal welfare organisations and as we see, individuals also work to provide food, water, and shelter for stray cats, as well as opportunities for adoption into loving homes.

By highlighting the strength of community and focusing on the relatable universal themes of compassion and unconditional love, Cats of Malta shifts beyond solely pleasing cat enthusiasts into the realm of education, tourism, and good old-fashioned, feel-good entertainment.

The heartfelt stories are sometimes funny, sometimes educational, and each will make audiences feel a rainbow of emotions.

Directed by Sarah Jayne Portelli, most known for her work directing Daughter -starring Katherine Langford. Cats of Malta is also produced by Sarah Jayne Portelli and Ivan Malekin. Ivan is a prolific producer, director, editor, and cinematographer, selected for the ‘Top 50 Australian Independent Film Heroes’ and known for Corpore (2020) and Machination (2022).

In capable hands, it’s no surprise Cats of Malta became a multi-award-winning documentary. The film has received the “Critics Choice Award” at Black Swan International Film Festival (2022), the “Gold Award” at Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (2022), and “Best Cat Film” at Fauna Tepoztlán Animal Festival (2023) to name but a few.

Cats of Malta stars, all as themselves, Roza Zammit Salinos, Isaac Muscat, Karmen Colerio, Matthew Pandolfino, Salvu Gilson, Michelle Degura, Polly March, and Nikki Micallef.

“Endearing and heart-warming.” – John Noonan FILMINK

“Cats of Malta is a lovely, feel-good film, full of human kindness and beautiful animals.”— Jennifer Muirhead, Weekend Notes Review for MDFF July 2022

“A beauty to behold.”— Rich Monetti, Take2Indie Review

Cats of Malta will be available in the UK & Ireland on Digital Download from 25th September.

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