Body Confidence in your Underwear

Body Confidence in your Underwear

Modibodi have designed a stylish, colourful range of period and incontinence underwear

Body Confidence in your Underwear – It is not unusual for many of us, male or female to suffer from underwear mishaps at some stage in our life. This can start from our teenage years and later adulthood with your menstrual cycle, to the latter years of urine leaks and incontinence.

To help these difficult times, with body confidence, and a sustainable solution, Modibodi have designed a stylish, colourful range of period and incontinence underwear which has their unique Modifier Air Technology, which is a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining that keeps you feeling—and smelling—fresh.

The principle behind the technology is the layers, a top layer of Merino wool wicks moisture, it is soft on the skin, naturally antimicrobial and repels odour to keep you fresh, dry, and comfy. 

The bottom layer is the outer fabric of your underwear, which is made from the softest, most breathable materials to sit close to your skin.

For super light to heavy overnight absorbencies, a patented modifier technology takes over. This has an additional quick-drying microfibre middle layer that absorbs fluid and odour – and locks it away with even better, antimicrobial technology that fights bacteria to keep you fresh.

Maxi 24-hour absorbency for maximum protection designed for all day and overnight, Patent-pending Maxi-24Hrs Technology can hold an incredible 50ml – that’s up to 10 tampons’ worth – without a leak in sight, this includes multiple microfibre middle layers of absorbency, locking away fluid and odours. 

Modibodi was founded by Kristy Chong, an Australian mum of four on a mission. Kristy came up with the Modibodi concept while training for a marathon in 2011 and experiencing light incontinence. While out running one day, Kristy realised the main solution available to manage incontinence was disposable hygiene products, which are ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable, often unreliable, and bad for the environment. Her vision was to help people to better manage their periods, sweat and incontinence without the need for disposable pads, tampons or liners. Modibodi is a more comfortable, dignified solution that is better for our bodies and our planet, as well as better for the environment.

Women Talking had the opportunity to try the Classic Bikini with a light-moderate absorbency. The signature Classic Bikini is a go-to style for everyday comfort. Made from breathable bamboo and featuring their 3mm patented absorbent lining to keep you dry and fresh. 


  • This Classic Bikini is one of their most-loved styles, and the perfect way to start your Modibodi journey.
  • Made to completely replace the need for the disposable period and incontinence products.
  • This style sits on the hip with a high-cut leg for a smooth, comfortable fit.
  • It features their patented Modifier Technology to absorb your period, pee, sweat and more while leaving you feeling fresh, dry and odour-free.
  • To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash them before use.

We found these fashionable pants, comfortable to wear and sat well and discreetly under all outer clothing just like regular underwear.

Care Guide

Step 1. Wash your Modibodi before wearing them for the first time. This will activate the technology in the gusset for maximum absorbency.

Step 2. Rinse in cold water after use <30°. Do not soak, just rinse until the water runs clear!

Step 3. Cold wash (now or later). In a delicates bag is even better!

Step 4. Hang dry. Reuse. Repeat! Go, you eco-warrior!
Step 5. Hold the fabric softener. This reduces the product’s function!

In addition to period and incontinence underwear, Modibodi also makes activewear, maternity and swimwear, babies’ nappies, and accessories as well as leak-proof lines for teens and men who may be looking to avoid sweat and chafing or general leakage mishaps.

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