Betrayed: The Incredible Story of 1970s “Drug Grannies”

Betrayed: The Incredible Story of 1970s “Drug Grannies”

Betrayed: The Incredible Story of 1970s “Drug Grannies”  – It is not easy for me to lose myself in a good book, with work commitments and household distractions. However, this true story of two American women who unwittingly became Australia’s ‘Drug Grannies’ caught my interest, and I was hooked from start to finish.

Betrayed: The Incredible Story of 1970s “Drug Grannies”
Credit: Logan w Hays and Bessire by Dave Boyer, Bend Bulletin (OREGON)

‘Betrayed’ is a riveting narrative of deception, exploitation, and the long journey toward justice, in a case that shocked the world in the late 1970s. It chronicles the path of Toddie and Beezie, two unsuspecting American women who believed they were embarking on an exciting trip from Germany to India in a camper van gifted by Toddie’s nephew. The duo was oblivious to the fact that two tons of hashish had been clandestinely packed into the vehicle, making them participants in a major global drug smuggling operation.

Though the story might have happened decades ago, the plight of the women will resonate with thousands of victims in the UK and around the world, as females become the predominant targets of on-and-offline scams. Indeed, author Sandi Logan believes the ‘Drug Grannies’ might be the first victims of their kind.


Drawing from firsthand interviews and diaries, Logan brings to life the women’s journey across continents, their shocking arrest by the Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and their subsequent struggle for justice in the aftermath of their unexpected notoriety.

“In an era when stories of exploitation and manipulation are tragically all too common – especially among women, ‘Betrayed’ serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of two women who were manipulated by a person they trusted with their lives,” says Logan. “It’s a cautionary tale of how easily innocent individuals can be ensnared in criminal activities, and it reflects their bravery in the face of staggering adversity.”

“You only have to go online and search for ‘female drug courier duped by love’. The stories are everywhere. Toddie and Beezie’s story might feel very ‘far away’ for some, but in actuality, it’s happening right now to some other unsuspecting and innocent person. Toddie and Beezie trusted someone they loved, and it came back to bite them in the most terrifying way. How betrayed they must have felt – and did feel – is unimaginable.”

With its unique blend of investigative journalism, narrative storytelling, and historical insight from someone who was ‘right in the middle of history’, the true crime story ‘Betrayed’ has been a huge hit with readers from both sides of the world.

Betrayed: The Incredible Story of 1970s “Drug Grannies”

“The brilliant author reports the facts and timeline of the events but also gives the personal nature of the women with excerpts from their diaries and recanting personal conversations he had with them. ‘Betrayed’ – is an incredible story that will invoke all of your emotions and keep you reading until the end. As written by a journalist who also became their friend and advocate.” – Suz Powell, Amazon Reviewer.

“Within the first few chapters, I was completely absorbed with following the women’s story. I love how the author weaved multiple perspectives throughout the book – of the women as they travelled, and then the Australian narcotics officers tasked with investigating the women. I couldn’t help but empathize with the women and the situation in which they found themselves. This would make a great movie!” – Cindy, GoodReads Reviewer

To find out more about this incredible true story visit the two-part radio documentary – Too Old To Run – Drug Grannies Part 1 and Part 2.  These fascinating podcasts give you a clear insight into the two women, the narcotics agents who busted them, the jail superintendent who kept them locked up and the attorney-general who finally resolved their case, telling the story from their perspective in their own voices.

‘Betrayed’ has just been announced as Australia’s 2023 Best True Crime book in the Australian Crime Writers Association annual Ned Kelly Awards and I am sure destined for the big screen further down the line, lets hope so, and watch this space!

For more information regarding journalist and author Sandi Logan visit here.

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