Best Vacuum for Long Hair

Best Vacuum for Long Hair

Best Vacuum for Long Hair – Are you tired of long hairs getting stuck in your vacuum, jamming up the brush roll? The struggle is real for households with long-haired members or pets. In this article, we’ll explore some top-rated vacuums that are designed specifically for managing stubborn strands of hair and ensuring a deep clean.

Let’s dive into finding the best solution for those messy tangles!

Key Takeaways

  • Tangle-free brush roll: Look for a vacuum with a tangle-free brush roll feature to prevent long hair from getting wrapped around the bristles, saving you time and hassle during cleaning.
  • Strong suction power: Choose a vacuum with strong suction power to effectively pick up and remove long strands of hair from various surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: Opt for a vacuum with easy-to-clean features such as detachable brush rolls and washable filters, saving you money on replacements and keeping your machine running smoothly.
  • Versatility for different surfaces: Select a versatile vacuum that can effectively clean carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and other surfaces without causing damage or tangling long hair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum for Long Hair

When choosing a vacuum for long hair, it’s important to consider factors such as a tangle-free brush roll, strong suction power, easy maintenance and cleaning, and versatility for different surfaces.

Tangle-free brush roll

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually untangling long strands from your vacuum’s brush roll. Opt for a vacuum cleaner with a tangle-free brush roll feature, perfect for dealing with long hair.

Imagine this as an innovative solution designed specifically to prevent extensive and annoying entanglement of lengthy hair on the brush roll. Top-rated models like the Shark Navigator Zero-M or Dyson V15 Detect effectively manage this common problem thanks to their anti-hair wrap technology.

This means you can enjoy a swift, hassle-free cleaning experience without constantly stopping to remove tangled locks from your device. For gadget lovers who value efficiency and convenience, investing in a vacuum with a tangle-free brush roll is definitely worth considering.

Strong suction power

When it comes to choosing the best vacuum for long hair, one of the key factors to consider is strong suction power. This feature is crucial in ensuring that your vacuum can effectively pick up and remove all those pesky strands of hair that tend to get tangled around furniture legs or stuck in carpets.

The Dyson V15 Detect has been hailed as the top choice for its exceptional suction power, which allows it to effortlessly lift even the longest of hairs from various surfaces. Another highly recommended option is the Shark Apex, known for its powerful suction capabilities that can tackle even the most stubborn pet hair.

With vacuums like these, you can say goodbye to endless tangles and hello to clean floors free from long hair!

Easy maintenance and cleaning

One of the key factors to consider when choosing the best vacuum for long hair is easy maintenance and cleaning. You want a vacuum that can efficiently pick up all those pesky strands without getting clogged or tangled.

Look for models with detachable brush rolls or easy-to-access compartments, so you can quickly remove any trapped hair. Additionally, vacuums with washable filters will save you money on replacements and keep your machine running smoothly.

With these features, maintaining and cleaning your vacuum becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend less time fussing over maintenance and more time enjoying clean floors free from long hair buildup.

Versatility for different surfaces

A key factor to consider when choosing the best vacuum for long hair is its versatility for different surfaces. You want a vacuum that can effectively clean not only your carpets but also your hardwood floors, tiles, and other surfaces.

The Dyson V15 Detect, known as the top-rated vacuum for long hair, comes with an LCD screen that automatically adjusts suction power based on the surface you’re cleaning. The Shark Navigator Zero-M is another highly recommended option that excels in cleaning both carpets and hard floors.

Additionally, the Shark Apex offers advanced technology to prevent hair from tangling on any surface. Having a versatile vacuum ensures that you can easily remove those pesky hairs from every nook and cranny of your home without hassle or damage to different types of flooring materials.

Top Recommendations for the Best Vacuum for Long Hair

Looking for the best vacuum for long hair? Check out our top recommendations that will make your cleaning routine a breeze!

Shark Navigator Zero-M

The Shark Navigator Zero-M is a top recommendation when it comes to finding the best vacuum for long hair. This vacuum cleaner is known for its exceptional performance in picking up and removing long strands of hair from various surfaces.

It features a tangle-free brush roll that prevents hair from getting wrapped around the bristles, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning power. With strong suction capabilities, this vacuum effectively captures even deeply embedded hairs.

Maintenance and cleaning are made easy with the Shark Navigator Zero-M. Its bagless design allows you to easily empty the dust bin without any mess or hassle. Additionally, this versatile vacuum is suitable for different surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery.

Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal 2

The Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal 2 is a high-end vacuum that has gained recognition as one of the top choices for dealing with long hair. With its powerful suction and innovative self-adjusting cleaner head, this vacuum effortlessly tackles strands of any length.

The Cinetic technology ensures that there are no filters to wash or replace, making maintenance hassle-free. Its maneuverability is also noteworthy, thanks to the ball technology that allows it to smoothly navigate around furniture and tight spaces.

Additionally, the Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal 2 comes equipped with specialized tools specifically designed for tackling pet hair and long hair, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience every time you use it.

Eureka EasyClean 71B

The Eureka EasyClean 71B is a budget-friendly vacuum that punches above its weight when it comes to dealing with long hair. This handheld vacuum is designed to tackle pet hair and other debris, making it an excellent choice for homes with furry friends or individuals with long locks.

With its strong suction power, the Eureka EasyClean 71B can easily pick up those pesky strands of hair that tend to get stuck in carpets or upholstery. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver and reach tight spaces where long hair tends to accumulate.

The Eureka EasyClean 71B also comes with a crevice tool and brush roll, allowing you to clean narrow corners and effectively remove tangled hair from different surfaces. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable option that gets the job done when it comes to managing long hair, the Eureka EasyClean 71B is definitely worth considering.

Additional Features to Consider

When choosing a vacuum for long hair, there are additional features to consider that can enhance your cleaning experience. Accessory hair cleaning tools, such as specialized brush attachments or crevice tools, can help you effectively remove hair from different surfaces.

You should also consider the brushroll design of the vacuum, ensuring it is easy to clean and does not tangle easily. Additionally, pay attention to the hose and bin of the vacuum, looking for models with larger capacities to accommodate longer strands of hair.

Finally, some vacuums offer pet hair specific features that can be beneficial if you have pets in your home.

Accessory hair cleaning tools

To effectively tackle long hair, it’s important to consider the accessory hair cleaning tools that come with the vacuum. These tools are designed specifically for hair removal and can make a world of difference in maintaining your vacuum’s performance.

Look for vacuums that include specialized attachments such as tangle-free brushes or pet hair tools.

The Dyson V15 Detect, for example, comes with a high-torque cleaner head and an anti-tangle comb that effortlessly removes long hair without clogging up the brush roll. The Shark Navigator Zero-M also features a self-cleaning brush roll that actively removes tangled hair while you clean.

Both these vacuums offer exceptional performance when it comes to tackling long strands.

Additionally, some models may have accessories like crevice tools or upholstery brushes that can be handy in reaching tight spaces where long hairs tend to accumulate. Don’t overlook these extra cleaning tools as they can enhance your overall cleaning experience and ensure your home stays free from pesky long hairs.

Brushroll considerations

When choosing a vacuum for long hair, one important factor to consider is the brushroll. The brushroll plays a crucial role in effectively picking up and removing those pesky strands of hair from your floors and carpets.

Look for a vacuum with a brushroll that is specifically designed to handle long hair without getting clogged or tangled. Some vacuums even come with anti-hair wrap technology that actively prevents hair from wrapping around the brushroll, saving you from the hassle of constantly cleaning it out.

A good brushroll should have sturdy bristles that can easily agitate and lift the hair off surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning results every time. So when searching for the best vacuum for long hair, make sure to pay attention to its brushroll design and features so you can confidently bid farewell to those stubborn strands!

Hose and bin considerations

When choosing a vacuum for long hair, it’s important to consider the hose and bin features. Look for a vacuum with a flexible and durable hose that can easily reach all areas without tangles or restrictions.

longer hose length is beneficial for tackling hard-to-reach corners and ceilings. Additionally, opt for a vacuum with a generous bin capacity to accommodate the large amounts of hair it will collect.

Emptying the bin frequently can be inconvenient, so choose one that allows for easy removal and cleaning. Some vacuums also come with anti-hair wrap features in their hoses and bins, preventing long hair from clogging up the system.

Pet hair specific features

Pet hair can be a nightmare for gadget lovers, but luckily there are vacuums with special features designed to tackle this issue head-on. One such feature is the anti-hair wrap technology, which prevents long hair from tangling in the vacuum’s brush roll and causing clogs.

This means you won’t have to spend precious time manually removing tangled strands from your vacuum. Additionally, some vacuums come with specialized pet hair accessories that make it even easier to clean up after your furry friends.

These tools are designed to effectively capture and remove pet hair from various surfaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning every time. So if you’re dealing with excessive pet hair, look for a vacuum that offers these specific features to make your life much easier.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best vacuum for long hair, consider factors such as a tangle-free brush rollstrong suction powereasy maintenance and cleaning, and versatility for different surfaces.

Based on tests and reviews, top recommendations include the Shark Navigator Zero-M, Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal 2, and Eureka EasyClean 71B. Additionally, look out for vacuums with accessory hair cleaning tools and anti-hair wrap features to make your cleaning experience even easier.

Don’t let long hair be a hassle – invest in a reliable and high-performance vacuum today!


1. What features should I look for in a vacuum for long hair?

When choosing a vacuum for long hair, look for features such as strong suction power, specialized attachments or brushes designed to capture and remove hair from various surfaces, easy-to-clean canisters or bags, and filters that trap allergens.

2. Can a vacuum effectively clean up pet hair as well as human hair?

Yes, many vacuums designed for long hair are also effective at picking up pet hair. Look for models specifically marketed as suitable for both human and pet hair to ensure optimal performance in removing these types of debris.

3. Are cordless vacuums suitable for cleaning long hair?

Cordless vacuums can be suitable for cleaning long hair if they have adequate suction power and accessories designed to handle different surfaces and types of debris. However, battery life may be a consideration since longer cleaning sessions may require recharging.

4. How often should I empty the canister or replace the bag when using a vacuum for long hair?

The frequency of emptying the canister or replacing the bag will depend on how much long hair is being picked up during each cleaning session. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to check and empty the canister or replace the bag when it starts to fill up by about two-thirds capacity to maintain optimal performance.

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