Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself

Is what I am doing or want, aligned, balanced, and Bold?

Be true to yourself: Is what I am doing or want, aligned, balanced, and Bold? – Coach, trainer, and author Marina Fernández Julián has contributed an inspiring piece regarding lifestyles today.

Social media anxiety is a phenomenon that affects all of us to one degree or another; especially individuals, small businesses, and solopreneurs. We wonder whether we must compete with the thousands of videos, reels, and blogs we see daily in our feeds.

Whether individuals work alone or with a group behind them, trying to compete could burn them out and what follows is often an identity crisis. We play to be on the screen with an ideal lifestyle with plenty of time on our hands, when, in the back of our minds we are feeling guilty for not attending to many other things. For a while, it all works well until their real person clashes with the not-so-real identity we have created on the screens. Then, anxiety, stress, and inner conflicts are to be resolved which costs time, health, and money. And the realization that we have been missing our lives.

I very much believe that where we are putting our time, we are putting our love. With that in mind, next time you are tempted to spend endless time on your social media, think if you like to place all your love in competition or distribute it in ways that bring you back peace, joy, love, and money of course.

Things to consider are Awareness and clarity in how we like to run our lives and business. Sit down for a minute and question, what do you want? Who do you want to serve? Are your clients or the people you like to reach on social media or is it just a portal for you to show up? What are the boundaries you are going to establish for yourself, so you don’t spend hours, energy, and money on something that does not serve you?  Do you know what happens when you try to catch many fishes? you catch none.

My advice is to reflect on one strategy at a time, one point of focus where you are going to place all your energy to create more Joy, peace, or business for yourself.

Life is happening and you are not getting this time back. Place your attention on asking: Who do I want to reach? What can I do and who can help me? Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for help.

Find people who can help and simply share with self-respect and love the reason you are contacting them or what you do best. Don’t assume or think of their answers before you make that call and let them decide.

Elevate your presence by being You and nothing but you and spend your time cultivating the person and professionalism in you until the inside matches the outside.

This is alignment and when we are aligned with who we are, things become effortless. You might not know how to be brilliant on social media and yet you are brilliant at being you, only if you give yourself a chance.

Here is a little question that provides maximum results and I encourage you to run everything you do through: Is what I am doing or want, aligned, balanced, or Bold?

Be bold and audacious and not only in the colour you wear but in the decisions you make. Be bold in how you talk to your friends, family, and clients. Be bold when you ask for what you want. Whether in life or business, make sure your choices are aligned with who you are, otherwise, your heart will find a way to tell you.

Suffering from anxiety, sleepless nights, a busy head, and nerves in your stomach are only signs that what you are doing is not in alignment with who you are. Our lives are run by our identities, and they are run by what we believe. Whatever you do, check that it is in alignment with your beliefs and values. Ask yourself, Is what I am doing balanced? If it isn’t it won’t last.

Be true to yourself:

Awareness, check on yourself often and ask: is this serving me?

Clarity, what do you want as a professional and in your personal life?

Alignment, is it aligned with me and my family, my environment, and my beliefs?

Balance, is it balanced, can I sustain it? Set boundaries.

Bold, what would happen if I asked for what I wanted? Take a risk and go for it.

Action, what is the place I am going to place my focus and love?

Elevate your presence; become the embodiment of who you are by matching the inside with the outside and bringing your greatness out to play.

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Marina Fernández Julián

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