Astrology Almanac 2024

Astrology Almanac 2024

Your Holistic Annual Guide to the Planets and Stars

Astrology Almanac 2024 – Your Holistic Annual Guide to the Planets and Stars

Emma Howarth, lifestyle and travel writer, astrologer and author launches her latest Astrology Almanac. Within the book you will find guidance and inspiration to live your best life in 2024, featuring mantras, advice, and wellbeing tips for each zodiac sign. This guide to astrological self-care is perfect for every star sign, every day of the year, and is a great resource for beginners, the astrology-curious, and seasoned astrologers alike.

Astrology Almanac 2024

Emma says: “Many stars aligned to bring The Astrology Almanac to life, and I can’t wait to see this magical guide to the year ahead find its way into the hands of curious beginners, astrology aficionados and everyone in between!”

Many individuals turn to astrology for guidance and insights into their personal lives, relationships, and future events. The “Astrology Almanac” can provide daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes and astrological forecasts for the year 2024, helping readers understand the potential influences of celestial bodies on their lives.

Depending on your interests and needs the book is ideal for personal growth. Astrology enthusiasts may refer to an almanac to explore personal growth and self-awareness. Astrological insights can help individuals better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and life patterns, allowing them to make informed decisions and work on self-improvement.

Astrology can be used to make decisions related to timing, such as starting new projects, making important life changes, or scheduling events. An almanac can provide auspicious dates and astrological insights to assist with such planning. Others may use almanacs as educational tools as the book contains detailed information about planetary movements, aspects, and other astrological phenomena, making them valuable for learning and research.

The “Astrology Almanac” can make a thoughtful gift for friends or family members who have an interest in astrology. It can be a unique and personalised present for those who enjoy exploring their astrological signs and forecasts.

Those who have a deep interest in astrology as a hobby or passion may collect astrological almanacs each year. These books serve as valuable references and resources for astrologers and enthusiasts alike.

Emma’s Astrology Almanac 2024 has been illustrated beautifully by Katarina Samohin and is available from Leaping Hare Press in hardback and ebook.

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