Accessorise with COLURi

Accessorise with COLURi

Accessorise with COLURi – How to empower your style with colour.

What makes a great outfit, a fabulous outfit can sometimes come down to the simple basics of colour as well as choosing the correct accessories to compliment your chosen style. Imagine if you could choose those accessories in an assortment of amazing shades to suit not only your mood, your wardrobe but your chosen look for the day.

COLURi is an online luxury fairtrade website emphasising the use of colour to empower. Named after women who inspire us all, their bold designs of fashion accessories celebrate self-expression and independence, ranging from watches to jewellery in an assortment of shades, you will find inspiration for every day of the year.

Each time you buy, not only does it make you feel good, but your purchase also goes towards helping women across the world.

COLURi have teamed up with international women’s charities, including The Refugee Women’s Alliance, Womankind Worldwide and Women for Women International and 30% of profits are donated to these remarkable causes.

Accessorise with COLURi

With a new year in full swing, having time to reminisce, looking back at recent photos I realised I have worn the same sunglasses for years. Admittedly I love them, they suit my facial features and they do the job expected, however it was high time for a change and my friends at COLURi have swiftly come to the rescue with their statement Monroe sunglasses in Jet Black.

Hand made in Italy with a black lightweight acetate frame and Polar Grey Gradient, these glasses are the perfect finishing touch to an all-year-round look.

To compliment my stylish attire, I have teamed this up with the Angelou Necklace, again in Jet Black named after inspirational poet and activist Maya Angelou. This fair-trade piece of jewellery comes with a convenient adjustable chain and set with jet black gemstones.

My next chosen piece is the Ogata earrings in Jet Black, named after Sadako Ogata, the first woman to lead as the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Accessorise with COLURi

The website is simple to navigate, and fun to use, just filter your desirable colour and make your selection.

Snow – Light, goodness, innocence, and purity.

Turquoise – Calmness, wisdom, friendship, and patience.

Navy – Unity, confidence, freedom, and elegance.

Saffron – The colour of sunshine. Joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

Violet – Creativity, mystery, and magic.

Scarlet – Passion, courage, and love.

Rose – Compassion, unconditional love, and understanding.

Jet Black – Strength, elegance, and luxury.

Perfect for gifting inspiration, or time for a little self-indulgence, whilst supporting social causes.

Poppy Watt

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