A Day Trip in Edinburgh

A Day Trip in Edinburgh

A Day Trip in Edinburgh – Although 24 hours is never enough in Scotland’s capital, as a seasoned traveller, I appreciate that some trips can be tight on time.

To allow you to enjoy your day to the max, Women Talking has created a jam-packed one-day Edinburgh itinerary that ticks all the exciting bucket list items around the Old and New Town.

If you’re looking for historical attractions, fun tours, perfect photo spots and secret local locations you have certainly come to the right location. To get the most out of your shortstop read on.

Travel Light – If you are passing through this magnificent city, don’t overburden your trip with excess baggage, luggage storage in Edinburgh is easily accessible in various locations, allowing you to drop off your unrequired bags and accessories, giving you more time to explore the Scottish capital.

Get Your Bearings – Edinburgh is divided into thirteen unique neighbourhood areas, each with its own special charm and contrasts – old and new, urban, and leafy, lively and tranquil.

If this is your first visit, I would suggest that you start in the Old Town or City Centre so you can squeeze as much as possible in during your day.

A Day Trip in Edinburgh

Getting Around Edinburgh – There’s no shortage of public transport in Edinburgh. Trams, buses, hop-on/off-tour buses, trains, taxis, Uber, and e-bikes are all available, although my preference is always on foot.

Edinburgh is very walkable. Its small size means you can explore lots on foot, looking up, down and around to take all the history and beauty in.

Edinburgh is well known as a hiker’s paradise with one dormant volcano (first erupting 350 million years ago), seven hills, clusters of cobbled streets, and tantalising vistas waiting around every bend, the capital is a fabulous place for a wander. Just make sure you venture up both Arthurs seat and Carlton Hill as they provide some of the best panoramic views of the city.

Shopping in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s shopping scene may be compact, but it’s excellent. Luxury brands, high street stores and beautiful boutiques have it covered. Not only will you find one of the world’s first department stores, plus British institutions like Harvey Nichols, but you’ll also discover boutiques that are helping to ensure the survival of Scottish textile traditions like tweed and cashmere.

Shopping in Edinburgh is a fantastic experience catering to all tastes, styles, and budgets.

Sample the Drinks

Edinburgh is perfect for anyone who is passionate about learning more about whisky or gin, as they have a variety of some of the best producers and offer great experiences for all audiences.

Not forgetting “Scotland’s other national drink” Irn Bru a Scottish top-selling carbonated soft drink, that even has its own tartan!

Throughout the history of Edinburgh, brewing takes its place as one of the most important and oldest industries.

Beer lovers will be delighted to hear that it has been said that Edinburgh also has more pubs per square kilometre than any other city in the UK.

Scottish Cuisine

 Although Scottish cuisine is very similar to English cuisine, the country also has a great variety of unique dishes that are only made in Scotland. Look out for restaurants serving:

Neeps and tatties: Tatties are mashed potato and neeps are diced or mashed swede. Neeps and tatties are normally eaten with haggis, probably the most famous Scottish dish of all.

Cock-a-leekie: Soup made of leeks and peppered chicken stock.

Scotch broth: A meaty vegetable soup (lamb, carrots, and swedes) perfect for a cold winter night.

Edinburgh is full to the brink with some of the UK’s best Michelin-star restaurants, great afternoon tea, bakeries, brilliant pub food, hearty steakhouses, and street food vendors.

It is easy to find restaurants and pubs anywhere in the city centre, however, the most interesting areas are the top of the Royal Mile and Princes Street, as well as the charming Rose Street.

History – The history of Scotland is fascinating and complex; there are Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clansmen, powerful ruling monarchs, and even enlightened philosophers. Scotland has experienced extraordinary growth and change during its lifetime – it’s a place that has been invaded and settled many times and that has made mighty contributions to culture and society.

Historic sites like Edinburgh Castle, the most visited monument in Scotland, offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so if you are a history buff be sure to visit one of their stunning castles.

Art – Edinburgh really does have a thriving art scene offering some of the best and most unique galleries showcasing the works of both established and up-and-coming artists.

From oil paintings to abstract installations, Edinburgh’s galleries showcase works that will stay with you long after you leave. Whether you’re drawn to traditional or contemporary art, prefer a sculpture over a sketchbook, or can’t get enough of all things abstract, Edinburgh’s vast selection of galleries can whet the appetite of any art lover.

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