5 Top Tips for a Relaxing Summer Staycation

5 Top Tips for a Relaxing Summer Staycation

How will you decide to find your zen?

5 Top Tips for a Relaxing Summer Staycation – There are plenty of things to get up to on a summer staycation around the UK, especially as there are so many beautiful destinations to choose from.

This time around you might just want to sit back and relax, and enjoy the beautiful views of your chosen holiday location.

If this is what you want to do, then read on to find out how to find your Zen at a variety of holiday parks on your next UK summer staycation…

Start with a digital detox

Before your holiday, you probably would’ve spent hours researching your electrical device, so why not take a break from this?

Nowadays most people are constantly on their phones, so it might be nice to make a change on your next holiday. It gives you time to take in your surroundings and do things that you may never do at home and just take some much-needed time away from those bright screens.

But if you do want some holiday photos, why not think about bringing a disposable camera?

Less screen time will have you leaving your staycation feeling refreshed and energised!

Spend a day at the beach

Luckily, there are so many beaches around the UK that are loved all year round, but especially during the summer months.

So why not make time for a beach trip and set up there for the day? You could lie on the soft sand and watch time pass by, and enjoy a picnic whilst you’re there.

You could choose to watch the sunrise or sunset and enjoy witnessing those partaking in water sports, or try some out for yourself.

If you’re looking for maximum relaxation, some water sports cater to that, like hiring a pedalo for a gentle ease into the water.

With so many beach options to try, you can pick from a variety that suits you and your relaxation needs!

Go on leisurely walks

Walks can be some of the most unwinding activities to enjoy if they’re not too strenuous and there are so many different walking trails around the country.

Or, you could try cycling, giving you a chance to take in the views of your destination, and you might even find some local landmarks along the way.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled once you’re out and about!

Try out yoga

You might be an avid yoga lover or just want to try out a new activity whilst away and yoga is the perfect way to unwind, especially with all of its health benefits.

Depending on where you stay there may be options for yoga classes, based on your experience, allowing you to relax at a level that suits you!

Treat yourself to a spa treatment

A holiday is the perfect time to treat yourself, especially if you don’t usually do so, and booking a spa treatment is the definition of relaxation!

A few treatments to choose from could range from body massages, facials and spending some time in the sauna – the options are endless…

How will you decide to find your zen?

With five ways to enjoy a relaxing break, it’s finally time to unwind this summer…

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