Why Personal Presents Are Loved

Why Personal Presents Are Loved

Buying personal presents is so much more valued and will stick with people for a long time

Why Personal Presents Are Loved (And What Personalised Gifts to Give)

When you are buying a present for somebody, whether it be for a birthday or Christmas, what jumps to your head straight away? If your immediate thought is to get them something quick and convenient, just so you have something else to tick off your ‘to do list’, then your priorities are probably not right. Buying personal presents is so much more valued and will stick with people for a long time. Here are some ideas of presents to buy for friends and family, and why these will be cherished more than generic presents.

Personal Presents Show You Know Them

Firstly, buying someone a personal present shows that you really know them. Anyone can buy you a box of chocolates, some hand cream, or some wine, but what about this present is personal and specific to the person you are buying for? There is nothing wrong with buying chocolates for someone, but make sure it is chocolate that they like. You could always make a note of things you know they love, so when gift buying comes around, you will be well equipped.

It can become obvious when someone has rushed into the shop last minute to pick up a rushed present. Also, it is probably hard to find something that your friend or family member will genuinely love if you are buying it really last minute. If you sit down for even just five or ten minutes and contemplate what someone might like, it will really show, and they will be extremely flattered with the outcome. Alternatively, you could ask them if there is anything in particular, they have been wanting or needing.

Personal Presents Can Be More Useful

Personal presents can be much more useful than generic presents since you will be catering it to that individual. If you pick a present that could be for just anybody, it is likely that it won’t get used much and will be forgotten about. On the other hand, if you pick something that can be immediately implemented into their life, you will feel as though you have done something to help and benefit them.

An example of a special present that is super personal and useful is private number plates from regtransfers. This is something that everyone will appreciate if they are a car user, but it’s also something that a lot of people would never get around to buying for themselves. Car number plates can be used for a long time so won’t go to waste and it will also be extra special for the receiver to know that they were chosen specially.

This is a unique gift which is also gender neutral – you won’t have to consider who you are buying for. So long as they have a car, they will love this!

They Stop Unnecessary Purchasing

Rushed buying can produce so much waste and this is partly a reason why there is so much landfill around times like Christmas. Many people will buy somebody an unwanted present which ends up being thrown away either immediately or after a couple of months. This would never happen if a gift was personal and wanted, so make sure you are getting someone something that they are likely to keep.

Buying personal gifts doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be expensive. If you are short on money but want to do something lovely for a friend or family member, you could do something as simple as giving them a framed image with something special inside. Pictures of friends or of memories are priceless and don’t cost much to gift. Alternatively, if you have an arty side, making something is always a kind and appreciated gesture. A painting, a mosaic or even a piece of jewellery is a perfect personal gift which will show how much time and effort you have for someone.

Present Buying Is Reciprocal

Present buying is reciprocal: if you put effort into the presents you give, you will likely get some lovely things back. Of course, this should not be the motivation for gift giving, but it will mean that you also end up with things you genuinely want and use. If you don’t want another candle, hand cream or bar of soap, chances are your friend won’t either! If you are stuck for ideas, try and reflect on some of your favourite gifts you have received. You can get some inspiration from this and try and apply it to your presents for others.

Once you change your mind set on gift giving from being a chore to being a fun little mission, you will enjoy it so much more. You should have an aim to get somebody something that will genuinely wow them. If you can see a genuine shocked reaction when they see what your gift is, then your mission has been successful!

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