Varama International ltd Merge With Veil Cover Cream ltd

Varama International ltd Merge With Veil Cover Cream ltd – Women Talking first interviewed Vanessa Jane Davies founder of Varama International Limited nine years ago. 

Since then, Varama has truly grown into an international business. The UK’s only practitioner-led skin camouflage brand was launched singlehandedly by Vanessa. Her entrepreneurial skills were recognised when Vanessa’s work was supported by UK Trade & Investment (OMIS) to introduce camouflage to the burn’s units in Australia, which was a milestone in the development of Varama as a world-class provider. 

Vanessa formulated her range of specialised pigments and creams and launched Varama International in 2010, the first to provide cover creams available online created by a practising skin camouflage expert. Her range has covered many milestones over the years and now merged with Veil Cover Cream Ltd, the UK’s largest producer of cover creams, bringing their products, knowledge and skills together as one. Her paramedical skin camouflage, experience spans over twenty-five years with new entrepreneurial projects developing in clinical commercial technology at Skin Camouflage Services.

Varama International ltd  Merge With Veil Cover Cream ltd
Varama Colour Selection

Varama founder and MD Vanessa Jane Davies says: ‘I am extremely proud of my professional and business achievements with Varama to date. There is a clear synergy between Varama International and Veil Cover Cream and I am delighted to see Varama International move forward and expand with Veil Cover Cream. 

Veil has been developing and manufacturing skin camouflage products for 70 years. The wartime RAF burns survivors of Sir Archibald McIndoe’s famous Guinea Pig Club were the first to use the early camouflage creams developed by chemist Thomas Blake, Veil’s founder. Veil went on to work with pioneer skin camouflage practitioner Joyce Allsworth whose early work was vital to the development of the skin camouflage service provided by the British Red Cross. Joyce went on to establish the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) who’s training is still recognized as the benchmark for skin camouflage practitioners to this day.

Veil Cover Cream Ltd Jack Patterson says “For the past 68 years Veil Cover Cream has focused on providing a world-leading formula for camouflage makeup to cover skin conditions and imperfections. We continue to excel and expand from our manufacturing site based in the North East of England. One of the many similarities between Veil Cover Cream and Varama International is that the products have been created by commitment and dedication to the skin camouflage industry. Though I believe, it is also the diversity presented in the Varama colour range that will be exceedingly beneficial to the consumer.” 

If you would like to know more about Varama International Ltd and Veil Cover please visit here 

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