Top Gifts to Give Someone Starting a New Job

Top Gifts to Give Someone Starting a New Job

Top Gifts to Give Someone Starting a New Job – When a close friend or family member finally lands a job that they have been dreaming of for some time, it is a truly exciting moment. You might have witnessed them working for a long while to become qualified and prepared for such a job. They might also have had to wait a long time for the right positions to become available.

In order to mark this important occasion, you might wish to get them a thoughtful gift. If they have had their eye on something specific that would be useful for their job, then this task won’t be too challenging at all. However, if you aren’t sure what sort of gift would be both useful and thoughtful, then you might feel as though you’re at a loss for ideas.

So, if you are trying to find the perfect gift to give to your friend who has just landed their dream job, here are a few tips that can help you to find the right present.

Help Brighten Their Office

If your friend is starting a job that comes with a new office, you can’t go wrong with a present that would go nicely in such a space. Since they are new to their office, it is highly unlikely that they already have everything they need to make it just right for them, so a gift of this nature would certainly be appreciated.

A plant that thrives indoors, such as a Bird of Paradise Houseplant, is a great option. Not only will the bright green leaves and orange blooms instantly make their office more homely and inviting, but such plants are relatively low maintenance. This means that they won’t have to waste time that they should be dedicating to their work trying to keep their plant alive.

A Personalised Mug or Water Bottle

Most people who work in an office appreciate a nice caffeine boost at some point in the day from either a cup of coffee or their favourite tea. However, working in an office with multiple co-workers means that it can be all too easy for their mug to get misplaced or mistaken for another.

However, when you get them a personalized mug that is unique to all the others in the office, you will help them to keep track of it. If they aren’t too into the hot beverages while at work, you might consider getting them a personalised water bottle instead.

A Wireless Charger

No matter what sort of job your friend has just landed, they likely need to have their phone fully charged throughout the day. You can’t really beat the convenience of being able to simply lay your phone on a wireless charging pad any time it needs a little boost.

Some wireless chargers have been incorporated into other useful desktop items as well, such as a desk lamp. Find the charger that has the features that would suit your friend the best as they start their new dream job.

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