The Most Famous Vineyard in France

The Most Famous Vineyard in France

The Most Famous Vineyard in France – Consider this for a moment. If you take ten minutes to read this article, in that time, one thousand bottles of champagne will have been produced in Champagne, France. And of the one thousand, Moët and Chandon would have made ten of them.

They produce one per cent of all the Champagne of France, sixty per cent more than their nearest competitor, Veuve Clicquot, who makes nineteen million bottles annually. It’s simply staggering. Three hundred million bottles of Champagne are produced in France every year.

At the outset, remember that Moët is not a French name but rather the surname of Jean and Nicolas Moët, who originated in the Netherlands and moved to France in the fourteen hundreds.  So, the ‘T’ in Moët is not silent.

The brand developed over centuries, and in the eighteen thirties, Victor Moet was joined by his brother-in-law, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles. The brand has evolved into the mega luxury house of Louis Vuitton Moёt-Hennessy. So, Hennessy Cognac is part of the stable along with Don Perignon Champagne.

The foundation of the wine consists of Pinot Noir and its cousin, Pinot Meunier, and a touch of Chardonnay. From this simple triangle of flavours, the complexity of Champagne is derived.

The wine lies quietly in bottles in the below-ground cellars that stretch for seventeen miles. Here the magic of riddling takes place, and finally, the disgorgement and dosage before the final cork is fitted.

The Most Famous Vineyard in France

So how much does a bottle of Moet and Chandon cost? Well, that depends on the particular type of Champagne you’re buying. A bottle of Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial will cost you around $ 52, and from there, it’s only uphill till you reach NV Moet and Chandon Esprit du Siecle Brut, which will cost you a little over $ 6 000.

The history of Moet and Chandon is spectacular. They were the first to set up a French-owned sparkling wine operation in the Napa Valley in nineteen seventy-three.

Sparkling wines have become synonymous with celebrations and special events. Moments of happiness to remember, so here are some suggestions to make your next significant event unforgettable.

Grande Cuvee 1531 Cremant de Limoux Rose Brut

 The number 1531 represents the year when the monks of the Abbey Saint Hilaire succeeded in filling their wine glasses with the magic of bubbles. The Co-operative in Sieur d’ Arques, Languedoc, have since 1946 strived to produce the very best wines from the region, and this lovely Rose bears testimony to their success. A combination of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and just enough Pinot Noir to provide an irresistible pinkish hue.

True to the Champagne process, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle and the resultant time spent with the yeast produces a lovely nuance of pastries lightly toasted. This is complemented by the smooth bubbles and delicious berry flavours.

Louis Bouillot Perle d’ Ivoire Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs

A wonderful contribution to the sparkling wine table from Burgundy. What makes this sparkling wine so special is that it is made from Chardonnay and Aligoté grapes. The wine is a combination of warm sunshine from the grapes sourced in Maconnais and the friskier grapes from Yonne and Chatillonnais.

The combination of the two grapes produces a wine of the best of both worlds. Sunshine fruits of tropical ripeness combined with the citrus freshness and acidity from the colder climate.

Faithfully following the champagne method, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle and the wine rests easily on the lees for eighteen months. The lengthy bottle fermentation period produces a superior creaminess together with subtle baked pastry flavours.

Ferrari Trentodoc Brut F1 Special Edition

Now for a little Italian flair. Founded over one hundred and twenty years ago by Giulio Ferrari Cantine Ferrari aimed to produce a sparkling wine equal to the champagnes of France. The Lunelli family took over the winery in nineteen fifty-two and continued to produce top-quality sparkling wines.

Ferrari Trentodoc has become the official podium wine on the Formula 1 circuit and to celebrate this the Lunelli family has introduced a Special Edition of this wine.

The combination of one hundred per cent Chardonnay and the extended thirty-six months on the lees has created a sparkling wine of immense smooth creaminess. The fruit is fresh with hints of citrus while the delicate bubbles provide a smooth and lengthy finish.

The Chardonnay assisted by the time on the lees brings out the subtle hints of glazed almonds and brioche.

A versatile partner, ideal for a romantic evening or special times with friends and family.


 I don’t think there is any drink that comes close to the reputation of Champagne as a toast to special times. It embraces the soft and sultry tones of a romantic evening while also allowing for the robust celebrations of happy events.

I can’t help thinking that the spraying of this precious nectar over Formula 1 winners is out of place. I would much rather have a glass handy and toast the winner, but that’s just my opinion.

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