Sunlight and Acne: What You Need to Know

Sunlight and Acne: What You Need to Know

Sunlight and Acne: What You Need to Know – A good bit of sun seems to be what the UK is constantly in search of but is it such a rosy thought when it comes to taking care of your skin? 

Sunlight can affect your skin in many ways. In this article, we explore the ways it can affect your acne.

The Relationship Between the Sun and Your Skin 

A little of the shiny stuff is good for everybody as it is the main source of Vitamin D which promotes the development of a healthy immune system as well as bone growth. It is also a booster to produce the serotonin hormone which is why you might feel a heightened sense of happiness under the glow of the rays.

Sadly though, natural sunlight is not the solution for skin issues themselves and the dangers of overexposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) and how they can be a cause of cancer are well known, so there is a general need to take care.

What Are The Healthy Ways To Indulge And Can The Sun Solve Your Spot Issues?

Should you suffer from acne and feel that lounging in the sun may dry out oily skin, then, unfortunately, you’re right. Spending lots of time in the sun will probably just lead to further, delayed outbreaks.

Rather than looking to cover yourself in a tan, exposure for just 15 minutes two-or-three times a week (perhaps slightly longer with a darker complexion) around midday is said to be a healthy amount.

Routine care in the sun should be the norm but is even more of a priority if you have added skin sensitivities. Making sure you are well protected with sunscreen will mean you don’t reach the stage of burning and risk aggravating any areas of the body that are susceptible. 

Shop The Market for A Solution but Don’t Try Everything

The skincare scene can be quite blinding to navigate but you don’t have to trade enjoyment of the sun over the risk of a flare-up. 

A good approach is to look for products that are non-pore blocking. Non-comedogenics are formulated for this purpose and are often oil-free. Using these should also mean a fast absorption and that they provide a lighter feel.

You should also be consistent, while all products are safe to use with acne, frequent product changes have the potential to be unkind to your issue as things clog.

The Right Kind of Light 

If you have ever looked for acne solutions, then you have probably come across suggestions of light treatments and would be forgiven for wondering why the natural exposure we’ve discussed isn’t best.

Well, it is because the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays stimulate different skin processes than those you would experience when visiting a treatment centre. Light therapies with a dermatologist can target areas where bacteria are an issue with a current problem, and they can also suggest remedies for the healing of things like scarring.

Consistency Is the Right Move

The main thing to take away is that as long as your approach to caring for your issue is regular, repeated, and sensible with regards to protection then there is no reason why you can’t be bedfellows with the sun. Be consistent and create a skincare routine that works for your unique needs. 

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