Stylish, Colourful, Playful Designs from Sock Geeks

Stylish, Colourful, Playful Designs from Sock Geeks

Stylish, Colourful, Playful Designs from Sock Geeks – Whether a gift, subscription, or self-indulgence Sock Geeks have your sock requirements covered.

Sock Geeks is an online shop that aims to match socks to your personality. They have a vast selection of fashionable designs available in a rainbow of colours and inspirational designs to suit all people who love to wear socks.

The company was founded, not only based on their love for socks but also based on their background in understanding us, human creatures. The techniques they practice are used by the world’s largest brands and leading psychologists. They utilise thousands of data points to make sure that personalities are perfectly honed, and the socks are exactly what each customer wants. This outcome can be achieved by asking visual questions. They select photos of things like animals, scenery, and art. It’s much easier and more accurate than asking people to describe what someone is like.

This may sound a little out of the ordinary, however, it is backed up by lots of science and is used by clothing, alcohol, and technology brands all around the world. You can find out more by trying out their quiz to discover your perfect match. Having taken the quiz, I am an Extreme Sock Geek – Spontaneous, Dynamic, and Independent, loving my socks as a talking point. Personally, I think that is a pretty accurate assessment!

Stylish, Colourful, Playful Designs from Sock Geeks

Made from a comfortable cotton mix, Sock Geeks state that a good pair of socks requires a fine balance…

Too much cotton and they’ll fall apart after a couple of wears.

Too much elastane, lycra and other materials, and you don’t get the breathability and absorbability that keep your feet healthy.

They prioritise two things:

 Quality – They want to make sure the socks feel good on your feet, but also make sure you can get maximum wear out of them. They have certain levels of a fabric blend that they will never go above or below, to make sure they can perfectly strike this balance.

Design – All their socks are in house designs, every month they choose a theme for inspiration and then come up with 3 great distinct designs that will suit your personality type. The socks are then manufactured from only the best materials perfectly balance to give you the comfort and quality a true sockgeek deserves.

Labelled as “The Gift That Keeps Giving”, their unique gift sets and Sock Geeks subscription, a is perfect for consumers looking for gifts that are a little unusual and out of the ordinary.

If you opt for the subscription, choose from the Extreme, Friendly or Statement Socks, fill out the required details and let the Sock Geek team do the rest.

The convenience of the subscription box being able to fit through my letterbox was a result. As with all households, we do have to pop out from time to time and there is nothing more frustrating than missing a package and having to track it down with the neighbours.

The socks come presented in a smart black box with gold detail and bow, wrapped beautifully in tissue paper. I was particularly impressed with the presentation and excited to see their sock choice, which was fabulous.

Stylish, Colourful, Playful Designs from Sock GeeksWith Father’s Day fast approaching, the premise of a funky sock subscription is a relatively new one. For those of you in search of something quirky and thoughtful order early and set your date of choice for delivery.

Sock Geeks also provide a guarantee with every pair of socks they send out. If the recipient doesn’t like them, they can send them back and receive a free replacement.

As well as a funky sock subscription, Sock Geeks have a selection of special edition Platinum Jubilee Socks with a platinum crown motif, adding a regal twist to your outfit.

When ordering your socks, do look at their blog page as there are some cool stories about socks – one that fascinated me was regarding the health benefits of wearing wet socks to bed!!

For more information visit Sock Geeks here.

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