Prosecco Rosé: all the characteristics of the new sparkling

Prosecco Rosé: all the characteristics of the new sparkling

Prosecco Rosé: all the characteristics of the new sparkling – The novelty of the 2020/2021 wine year, the Prosecco Rosé wine, will mark the trend of the sparkling wine market for 2021 and beyond. Let’s look at the new pink bubble in detail to better understand its distinctive rose characteristics.

Grape varieties and disciplinary of Prosecco Rosé DOC

The first and substantial difference between Prosecco Rosé from the “classic” one, is the presence of Pinot Nero grapes, which the disciplinary sets at 10-15% (the remainder is made up of Glera). Pinot Nero must be vinified in red and must come from territories belonging to the Prosecco DOC area.

Second fermentation of Prosecco Rosé

Another important novelty is the time spent on the lees during the second fermentation, a peculiar phase in the production of a Martinotti-Charmat method sparkling wine (Do you know the difference between sparkling and semi-sparkling wines?). The stay in the tank,
which takes place during the second fermentation, must last at least 60 days as required by the disciplinary. The wine, remaining in contact with the yeasts for a long time, is enriched with more complex and balanced scents as well as a very fine and delicate perlage.

The tasting: what to expect from a Prosecco Rosé

Once in the glass, Prosecco Rosé will enchant us with its pale pink, truly classy, ​​moved by a fine and persistent perlage. The scent will be distinctive and delicate, elegant, where we will appreciate a harmony of sweet, floral and fruity notes. The fruits, which we will find when tasting, will range from the red ones of the forest, peculiar to Pinot Nero, to those with yellow or white flesh, such as apple and pear, the signature of the Glera grape. On the palate, it will be of great freshness and excellent persistence, crispy and easy to sip, a characteristic that we find in every Prosecco.

Pairings: when and with what enjoy Prosecco Rosé

Prosecco Rosé: all the characteristics of the new sparkling

It will not be difficult to combine this rosé sparkling wine, after all, it is still a Prosecco and versatility is one of its qualities. An ideal aperitif, it accompanies any appetizer from simple finger food or fried fish to a more elaborate raw fish entrée. Combined with rich cutting boards, it enhances cold cuts and cheeses, contrasting the fattest sensations in the mouth.

Excellent with vegetable risottos, cold and light dishes, lightly elaborated fish main courses, white meats cooked at low temperatures … there really is something to indulge in!

Domus Vini Prosecco Rosé: our Brut version

For the Prosecco Rosé Ca’ Delle Rose we have chosen the Brut version, fine and elegant. The nose is reminiscent of rose and violet petals, with wild strawberries and currants. On the palate, it is savoury and fresh, easy to drink with hints of apricot and raspberry powder.

Lively and casual, it has a perfect balance between sugars and acidity. It closes fresh, with light citrus notes.

Ideal for an aperitif, it enhances the freshness of the fish but is also excellent with light first courses based on vegetables and white meats. It is also surprising at the end of the meal, together with fruit-based parfaits and cheesecake.

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