Original Butter Bell Crock

Original Butter Bell Crock

Solve the hard butter problem, enhancing butter richness while saving precious refrigerator space

Original Butter Bell Crock – The return of a 16th-Century invention helps consumers solve the hard butter problem, enhancing butter richness while saving precious refrigerator space.

Butter is used in our household a multitude of times throughout the day, by different family members. However, with a warm kitchen, this can lead to runny butter problems if it is left out all day. When in the fridge, you have an additional issue of hard butter when spreading on your favourite loaf, crumpets, or biscuits. Toast is a fine example of a cold butter disaster, which is often difficult to spread, leading to either butter being unevenly spread on toast, or toast being torn in the process of spreading.

While this famous dairy product has widely been refrigerated since the early 1900s, butter and butter storage has been around much longer than that. In the 16th century during the prominence of Lords and Ladies, culinarians invented a bell-shaped crock which allowed butter to be stored without being refrigerated. The crock storage method gave it several advantages over the refrigeration method, including helping it to stay creamy and easily spreadable, while allowing consumers to enjoy the full flavour range of butter that refrigerated butter does not offer.

These time-tested butter crocks slowly gave way to refrigerated butter during the 20th century, however, this butter crock shall not be relegated to the dustbins of history! Thanks to the innovative minds at L. Tremain, Inc., the traditional butter crock has been refined and updated to suit modern sensibilities.

Upon its debut in 1997, the Original Butter Bell Crock became a hit in the US, selling on networks such as QVC and the Food Network, while also selling in over 2,000 housewares and gourmet outlets such as Sur La Table, Wegmans, Whole Foods Markets and Bosch Kitchen Centres.

And now, after a successful run in the US, the Butter Bell Crock is crossing the pond!

Happily, at the recent Exclusively event in London, Women Talking were introduced to this kitchen saviour.

Not only a beautiful kitchen accessory Butter Bell crocks are dishwasher-safe, easy to use, and come in a wide range of colours and designs, allowing you to express your own personal style within your kitchen.

Original Butter Bell Crock

How does the Butter Bell Crock work?

To use a butter bell crock, you first fill the base with cold water, creating a water seal. Then, you pack softened butter into the lid portion. The lid is then placed upside down into the base, allowing the water to create an airtight seal around the butter. This water seal helps to keep the butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration.

The butter bell crock keeps the butter at a cool temperature due to the evaporative cooling effect of the water. It can be left on a countertop or table, and the butter can be easily accessed whenever needed. The water should be changed every few days or as needed to maintain freshness.

In addition to the crock’s state-of-the-art design, the Butter Bell crock’s unique lid — an upside-down butter cup, maximises stability during usage while providing a temporary resting place for butterknives. This lid is specifically created to provide the internal and surface tension necessary to hold the butter in place. The lid nestles in but does not touch the base of the Butter Bell crock.

Often made of ceramic or stoneware, this helps to insulate the butter and maintain its temperature, as well as long-lasting durability. It is a popular and decorative way to store and serve butter, especially in households where soft, spreadable butter is preferred over hard, refrigerated butter.

This item has been a supreme addition to my kitchen, keeping my butter safe from germs and fridge odour contamination, as well as keeping my butter at the perfect consistency for spreading. An additional benefit is the crock is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Poppy Watt

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