Mini Trip, Packing Essentials

Mini trip, packing essentials

Having the freedom to head off at a moments notice I feel I have mastered the art of minimising my packing essential to fit into just one small bag, which is lightweight enough for even me to manage!

I have also realised for minimal packing, working from a list has a far more efficient outcome than working my way through my wardrobe. It’s too tempting to add a few extra favourite outfits or pairs of shoes when the temptation is laid out in front of you.

Another top tip is to roll your clothes instead of folding. Not only are they easier to see at a glance, but they also don’t crease so much.

Pack your heavier items, shoes/toiletries at the bottom of your suitcase (the end where the wheels are) that way; it is easier to roll when the weight is down the bottom.

Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way to achieving an ‘essentials only’ travel bag.

Take a multi-purpose towel

Tesalate Beach Towels are a revolutionary new type of beach towel from Australia that is large yet lightweight, super-absorbent retaining up to a litre of water and extremely fast drying. They are made from cutting-edge fabric technology. The AbsorbLite’s engineering allows sand to flow freely from it, meaning you can leave the beach where it belongs, at the beach.

Although they can absorb more water they have also been designed to dry in half the time of regular towels.

The towels are available in a selection of vibrant colours and my treasured towel is also perfect to use as a mobile yoga/exercise matt, bath towel and even a picnic rug.

Opt for lightweight and thermal winter clothing

This is the smart way to save on space. Chunky jumpers and knitwear are too bulky, I would suggest you either wear the item whilst travelling or swap with a couple of layers instead to take up less space in your bag. Fabrics known for being particularly lightweight, include silk and synthetics such as nylon and polyester. However, if you are looking for warmth invest in some merino wool clothing. Merino wool costs a bit more, but it provides warmth when it’s cold, keeps you cool when it’s hot, has the amazing ability to stay warm even when wet, and even dries much faster than cotton. Sounds like a sound investment to me…

Fill dead space

When it comes to packing, make use of every little inch of packing space that you can. Roll tops, underwear, socks, and other small items and pop them into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled.

Wear your largest items

It makes complete sense to wear your heaviest, bulkiest items that you feel are necessary on your trip. A coat, jacket or boots can be worn to save that valuable packing space in your bag.

Travel size toiletries

The majority of pharmacies and supermarkets all carry travel sizes for most toiletries and perfume nowadays, the choice is vast, allowing you to travel light in this department.

Take a kindle

There is always a window of opportunity for a read when you are away, either when travelling or when you have arrived at your destination. Therefore a kindle is lightweight, compact and gives you plenty of reading choice.

Pack Outfits That Mix and Match

Pack only garments that can be colour-coordinated or complement one another. If an item doesn’t work with multiple outfits, leave it at home.

Lightweight packable rain jacket, for those unexpected showers it is useful to cover all bases with a waterproof. This can fold up so small taking up minimal space and nice to know you have covered all bases.

Hoping you have found some useful tips for your next trip.

Poppy Watt

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