Looking for New Garden Furniture?

Looking for New Garden Furniture?

Looking for New Garden Furniture? Four Reasons to Buy Through a Specialist – Garden furniture is a huge market. You can buy it in all sorts of places these days. Supermarkets, DIY chains, discount stores, and Amazon, all of them do a brisk trade in outdoor furniture and accessories.

That makes buying garden furniture simple and convenient. You can pick up a few extra garden chairs ahead of a BBQ at the same time as you buy the food. You can buy a table while you browse for a new kitchen or bathroom. Or have a look online any time you like, while shopping for anything else you might be buying.

But convenience isn’t the only thing that matters. As garden furniture specialist, Jo Alexander recognises the appeal that being able to buy products at big-name stores carries for many people. But still, they would argue that if you want the best products, the best service, and the best overall experience, you are still best off buying your garden furniture through specialists like themselves.

Here’s why

They stock better quality products

Supermarkets, chain stores and all the rest focus on a budget to mid-market garden furniture. The items they stock are invariably mass-produced and aimed primarily at offering solid functionality at a competitive price.

Specialists, on the other hand, like Jo Alexander, focus on the higher end of the garden furniture market. The furniture they stock is often hand crafted by artisan designers, it makes use of the best quality materials and is built to exceptional quality standards.

Cheap, cheerful garden furniture has its place. But it won’t stand up to the rigours of heavy use and being left outside in all weather conditions for very long. The best quality garden furniture, on the other hand, is built to last. It’s a long-term investment that lets you get out of that cycle of having to replace your outdoor furniture every couple of years.

They can prove the provenance of their products and offer more eco-friendly options

As with most mass-produced goods, low-cost garden furniture doesn’t offer much in the way of green credentials. Plastics are ubiquitous, many products are manufactured in factories abroad with little accountability for their carbon footprint, and if you choose timber items you often won’t be able to verify if they came from a sustainable source or not.

Jo Alexander takes sustainability very seriously and it plays a central role in how they source their products. For example, much of their timber furniture is made from teak, an amazing tropical hardwood with incredible natural strength and weather resistance. They only stock items made from teak that is certified as coming from sustainable plantations.

Or alternatively, they actively look out for furniture made from reclaimed teak – timber previously used in construction in its native India and southeast Asia. Because teak is so hard-wearing and long-lasting, it’s in great condition even after it has been used in the frame of a building or as railway sleepers for 50, 100 years. There’s a huge resource of this magnificent timber available, and every item of furniture made from reclaimed teak means one less tree must be felled.

They support small producers

Much of the garden furniture they stock is sourced from small workshops and boutique designers. They enjoy being able to support smaller businesses and help them bring their products to market.

The payoff for customers is they get access to unique, premium quality pieces produced with artisanal skill and attention to detail. If you are looking for an alternative to off-the-shelf furniture, if you want something that stands out from the crowd for its design, build quality or attention to detail, craft-produced furniture is the way to go.

They take aftercare seriously

One thing that is central to their philosophy is that any item of furniture you buy should last a long, long time. They recognise that buying furniture at the higher end of the market is a big investment, and the way you get value from that investment is longevity.

That’s why they source garden furniture made from materials like teak and polished concrete – as well as looking great, they are also extremely durable and can withstand all weather conditions, all year round. That’s why they also put great emphasis on build quality. All Jo Alexander-branded furniture comes with a three year guarantee, with free repair or replacement for any faults or defects that occur within that period (subject to correct use and care).

They are also very invested in our customers getting the most from our products through ongoing care and maintenance. In truth, an ultra-robust material like teak requires very little ongoing care. But they stock specialist cleaners and protectors for all materials used in their furniture and offer detailed guides on looking after your furniture for years to come.

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