Our Tips on Garden Planning

Our Tips on Garden Planning

Our Tips on Garden Planning – Are you planning a garden renovation or just wondering what you’re going to tackle in spring? Winter is the best time to plan small and big changes. Discover practical tips that will make your job easier and help you avoid beginner’s blunders.

Before you start choosing trees or a pergola, plan everything carefully. First and foremost, think about what you want your dream garden to look like. Will it be an oasis of calm, a place for entertaining friends, or perhaps a shared garden where every member of the household has their own space?

Start planning

 Take a pencil and draw your plot on paper. Include in the design the flower beds, trees, and shrubs you want to keep in the same space. Then draw on the paper where you want to build a patio with a barbecue and garden furniture, a greenhouse or new ornamental beds. If possible, mark a map of the mains in the design. This is especially important if you plan to plant mature trees or build a pond.

Plant cleverly

 The most common mistake when renovating or starting a new garden is the wrong choice of plants. Observe the garden and think about where the sun shines the longest, where there is mostly shade, even where there is a lot of wind.. All this will make it easier to choose the ideal place for flowering beds. If you don’t know what type of soil you have on your plot, now is the best time to get an analysis. This will help you find out what plants and shrubs will naturally thrive in your garden.

Let in the wild

 When choosing plants, don’t just go by what you see in your neighbours’ gardens. It’s ideal to take inspiration from the surrounding countryside or choose low-maintenance perennials such as bracken, ornamental garlic, or sage. Keep in mind that plants do much better in groups. If you want a statement piece in your garden, go for ornamental trees and plan the surrounding area accordingly. Flowering shrubs such as honeysuckle, quince or lilacs will create a beautiful, low-maintenance hedge that only needs trimming once a year. Remember that every plant, tree and shrub needs different conditions to grow healthily. If you plant shrubs in a north-facing garden that love the sun, then tending them will be more of a worry than a pleasure.

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