5 ski apps that will make your holiday better!

5 Ski Apps that will Make your Holiday Better!

5 ski apps that will make your holiday better! – We all know how short ski seasons can be. If we specifically look at the Asian environment, the ski season usually lasts only about three months. So, would you want it to just go away without getting the most out of it? Definitely not! You would need the best resources and information that would allow you to explore the best skiing resorts, mountains, slopes, and much more. And well, that is where the ski apps can help you out!

All you will need is a smartphone in which you can install the ski apps. Those ski apps will make your holiday and skiing experience better than ever. But do you know which ski apps are the best and most beneficial? If not, let’s find out!

The best ski apps for Android phones you should install right now!

Following are the best ski apps for Android phones that you can consider installing. Make sure to check their features briefly to understand how they can help you with your skiing adventure.

Ski DIN Calculator App

10,000+ Downloads

A handful of satisfied users

Positive reviews available

Supports wide range of devices

One of the major concerns for people when it comes to skiing is the injuries and the falls. Severe injuries can not only ruin your whole ski season, but they can create the consequences you would want to avoid. But of course, few safety precautions help you avoid all those scenarios that would be bad for anyone. One of those precautions is the ski bindings and their DIN settings to adjust the release force. 

Release force is simply the force required to release your ski boots from the bindings and help you prevent any injuries. If the DIN settings are high, you will have to put greater force, while the lower settings can help you release your bindings with lower force. 

If you wonder how the Ski DIN calculator App can help in this scenario, it will help you choose the right settings as per your preferences. The app will consider your skiing style, experience, age, weight, and a few other things and will then showcase the perfect DIN settings to set for the bindings and your boots. Remember that your ski boots should be perfectly compatible with your skis to bind them without any problems. If you are going with new ski boots, look out for the bindings and see if your boots will fit in easily or not. 


50,000+ Downloads

4.7/5 Overall Rating

Reviewed by more than 1,000 users

Great UI

If you are an Asian, you would surely know how hard it can sometimes be to find the perfect spot for skiing. You must consider the powder, snow depth, temperature, light, and a few other things that play a crucial role while skiing. Well, to make your experience easier, OpenSnow brings all those details right on your mobile for you to check out. The app will also allow you to explore different skiing spots along with all their crucial details. You can find the places and resorts that are the best as per your preferences. And yes, OpenSnow does not work for all Asian countries, but you can easily use it if you are living in Japan and the surrounding countries.

Snow Tracker

1M+ Downloads

4.5/5 Overall rating

Great compatability

Around 10,000 reviews

Are you curious how good of a skier you are? If yes, let Snow Tracker help you with detailed reports and analytics about your skiing performance. Snow Tracker is a mobile app that tracks your entire skiing activity and provides precise data about different aspects you would want to know. With the help of Snocru, you can check out your highest speed, the routes you have taken to ski, total distance covered, altitude, and much more right in a single place. You can easily download it on your Android phone, that too for free. But if you want some extra features, you can make in-app purchases to get your hands on even detailed data.

The best ski apps specifically designed for IOS!

If you are an IOS user, you might have difficulties finding Android apps on the Apple store. But as a skier, you don’t have to worry as the following IOS apps can help you with your adventures.

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard

10,000+ Downloads

Not yet rated

Positive reviews available on App Store

The reason why Slopes is one of the best skiing apps for IOS users is that it is widely compatible. It does not only work with Siri commands but it can be connected to your Apple watch too. You must install the Slopes app on your IOS phone, and it will start working just as you want. Slopes simply allow its users to track their details and performance quite feasibly. You can calculate the overall distance covered, average in a day, your speed, the slopes, vertical, and the overall paths. You can also search for your previous records and see how you performed the other day, or probably last season.


100,000+ Downloads

1,000+ Reviews

4.1/5 Overall rating

There are quite a lot of skiing maps that would be able to show you different ski spots right on your screen. But there are very few apps that can give you access to the 3D world that too with great details. It does not precisely matter in which Asian country you live in; you will be able to explore all the places without any restrictions. You can even explore all the terrains, slopes, and mountains and then determine the perfect place for skiing. Not only that, but FATMAP also allows its users to see snow details, for instance, its freshness, depth, and forecast. 


You do not really need to find any more skiing apps like those mentioned above that will surely fulfil all your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Install them right away and make your skiing holiday better than ever!

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