Little Santi Designs

Little Santi Designs

A sanctuary of compassion and connection

Little Santi Designs: A sanctuary of compassion and connection.

Losing a baby to miscarriage brings a unique, heart-wrenching grief that’s hard to put into words. It’s a loss of a profound and personal connection, leaving you with nothing tangible to hold. It means navigating a life without the child that should have been. Unfortunately, this grief often feels minimised by those who haven’t experienced it.

Little Santi Designs

Women Talking talks to Jess Roberts founder of Little Santi Designs whose mission is to offer a haven of remembrance, understanding, and beauty to mothers who have experienced early pregnancy loss, offering meaningful rings that symbolise love, resilience, and connection.

Last year, Jess went through the devastating loss of her baby who she named Santi. “It painfully highlighted the lack of compassion and understanding surrounding early pregnancy loss” recalls Jess, “I felt an intense bond with my child and the future we should have shared, so when I received the heart-breaking news that they had passed away a few weeks after we saw their heartbeat at 7 weeks, it shook me to my core, revealing a depth of grief I was unprepared for.

One of the toughest parts of coping with my loss was the absence of something concrete to remember my baby by. In those early stages, I didn’t know my child’s gender, and I hadn’t felt their movements or seen distinct ultrasound images. I only had a few early scans and clinical records from hospital visits, which didn’t feel sufficient to honour my child’s memory. I scoured the internet for something meaningful – considering a tattoo or a unique keepsake. I yearned for something with deep significance”.

After an extensive search, I decided to create something special myself, a ring inspired by the size of my sweet Santi at their time of passing – about the size of a blueberry. It felt like the perfect way to personalise a loss that is often challenging to personalise because of its early nature. From there, it felt like a natural step to explore creating pieces for women in similar positions as me – women desperately searching for a cherished keepsake to keep their baby close and commemorate a brief but treasured life”.

In memory of my forever loved child, I created Little Santi Designs, a collection of delicate sterling silver rings designed to mirror the size each little life grew to. Each ring offers a meaningful way for individuals to honour their baby, providing a tangible keepsake as a constant reminder of the enduring presence in their lives”.

For more information visit Little Santi Designs here. Trust your instincts and let your chosen ring become a symbol of strength and love that endures beyond time.

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