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Linda Joyce – Communicating The Art – A problem shared is a problem halved, or so my mother always told me. Armed with this no-nonsense advice communication about any subject has never really been one of my downfalls. With a problem, dilemma or life-changing decision to make we often call upon the help of friends or close family, however having recently met the exceptionally gifted Linda Joyce who has been a life coachpersonal counsellor and astrologer for over twenty years I now understand why she has been aptly labelled as a ‘one-woman powerhouse.’

Linda has the gift to search for the greater truth and understanding and a pragmatic strategy behind solving difficult personal problems. With the aid of her clear understanding, great powers of communication and groundbreaking 12-step programme of self-therapy, a session with Linda soon puts you on a clear future path.

As a young homemaker Linda herself was confronted with divorce, and for this housewife and mother of two, it meant the difficult decision of what to do with their future. 

“I needed to make more money. I had a language and history major and I loved to read literature, not necessarily the qualifications for this career but it was enough to begin my own life changing future.”

Following her own visit to an astrologer in New York City Linda was ‘blown away’ by the information given to her. 

“I instantly wanted to learn more because my experience immediately confirmed to me that this was a gift I could learn and then offer other people. My time is now consumed lecturing, teaching workshops and giving private consultations all over the world.”

I asked Linda if she ever managed to switch off? 

“I spend my life figuring people out and now it is hard to stop. I find my role in people’s lives very rewarding and this is my inspiration. People need to talk without being criticized or judged and the biggest gift is to listen.”

Linda is now one of the most sought-after media personalities and public speakers in the world and her popularity stretches from New York City to London to Shanghai.  Her client list includes well-known celebrities and international business titans looking to merge the worlds of the intuitive with the practical. 

She is also an author of three books including ‘The Day you were born’, which incredibly is now in its 11th printing and ‘The Star Within’ a book containing the 12-step programme which helps to draw on personal development, astrology and common sense. 

Linda has combined the ancient sciences of numerology and astrology to teach others how to identify life’s purpose, foster balance and creativity, and create the life they really want. By analyzing your star sign and your parents’ beliefs and methods of coping with the world, you can determine where your own strengths and weaknesses lie. 

The twelve steps featured in ‘The Star Within’ are based on the signs of the Zodiac and a series of intimate questions. Six of these questions reflect one’s mother’s beliefs and six represent one’s father’s beliefs. The outcome of this incredible read will help everyone reach their full life’s potential.

Frequently travelling from one continent to the next I asked Linda whether it was a lonely life on the road.  

“I have been recently working on a TV show in California and some of my clients become so close they are almost best friends.”

Dividing her time between New York and London Linda is a frequent guest on radio and TVoffering her practical, matter-of-fact advice, Linda has been featured in Good Housekeeping as the all-American magazine’s first astrologer in 100 years of publishing and her next challenge is to have her own TV show.

When I asked Linda what final words of wisdom she could share with our readers she responded with a very definite reply. 

Take charge of your own life, follow your own dream and no one else’s. Above all else, learn to listen to your heart. 

If you would like more information on Linda Joyce then visit her website here.

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