How To Give Gifts With Meaning & Positive Impact

How To Give Gifts With Meaning & Positive Impact

How To Give Gifts With Meaning & Positive Impact – We’ve always thought of gift-giving as a double-edged sword; a marriage of genuine, heart-warming pleasure with anxiety, guilt and worry. 

Of course, the former is true if your recipient likes your gift. But, if you are met with that familiar mediocre smile and “oh… thank you”, then you feel the joy begin to drain.

If you’re anything like me, then your state of worry is fueled by a need to give hand-crafted gifts that are original and meaningful. 

And, if you’re striving to be environmentally conscious, you’ll also be looking for gifts that don’t cost the Earth. 

Well, we’ve got some good news. 

Buying gifts from small, local, independent businesses is the perfect way to source unique treasures, as well as lessening your strain on the environment. 

Shopping small helps support your local economy
Shopping small helps support your local economy

And here are 5 reasons why.

Independent businesses create unique products 

If you’re an anxious gifter, there’s little scarier than the thought of giving someone a present that they walk past each week in the local supermarket or that they saw on the amazon prime homepage. 

Browsing the selection of products, virtually or otherwise, from independent brands is often your best bet if you’re attempting to find something truly unique. 

In fact, out of 2000 adults, 65% would rather receive something with a personal touch than something widely available on the high street.

Be that a soy candle with a scent that’s unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before, or a box of chocolate truffles made in a teeny tiny bakery in St Ives that taste like little drops of heaven.

Shopping small helps support your local economy 

A recent study found that, on average, for every £10 spent at a local independent shop, an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. 

This means that for every friend’s birthday on which you spend £10 in that quirky shop on your high street, £50 will circulate back into your community via local cafes, restaurants or other retailers. 

We’ve recently become extremely aware of the benefits of shopping locally and supporting small businesses. But even without the reasoning of the current climate, your pennies are worth more when you spend them locally. 

Supporting artisan markets
Supporting Artisan Markets

Supporting artisan markets helps create space for the future generation 

Buying from a stall at your village market does more than just benefit your local economy in the immediate sense. With the increased interest in buying gifts from independent designers, entrepreneurs and business owners, you help create space for the future generation. 

You open the floor to the underdogs, now and in the future. 

And it’s all circular. 

The more you recognise and buy with independent sellers, the more space there will be for independent sellers and the more these brands will continue to grow and take up space on your high street. 

Buying British-made products lessens consumer-fueled climate change 

The effects of consumerism on climate change are significant. And whether it’s packaging or fuel, buying from the UK is hugely impactful when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. 

In fact, 63% of shoppers agree with the sentiment that to buy British can help the nation combat climate change. 

Buying hand-crafted gifts that are British made means less transportation fuel, costs and materials are being used and the less impact we’re having on climate change. 

You can help spread the word 

Buying gifts that are eco-conscious, organic and sourced from local businesses has immediate and long-term benefits. 

Not only are you personally supporting these essential movements like supporting your local economy and helping fight climate change, but you are also spreading the word about doing so to others. 

Let’s say your partner really loves golf and you gift them with a box of bamboo tees. 

Perhaps people wouldn’t make the decision to purchase these products themselves. Perhaps they don’t know they exist. But by gifting people with products that are sustainable and sourced from local businesses, you are spreading the word about a better way to buy. 

Now your partner only buys bamboo golf tees, and gifts them to their golf-loving friends too! 

So, as you can see there are numerous reasons to why you should opt for buying gifts from small brands and independent sellers. 

Doing so pretty much guarantees that your gift will be unlike anyone else’s and you’re supporting important movements like bringing up your local economy and helping reduce the environmental impacts of mass consumerism. 

There are tons and tons of independent brands just waiting to be discovered. So whether you seek them out individually or you buy through a name that houses small businesses, you can know that you’re doing your bit. 

And the best bit? You’ll be able to share beautiful, hand-crafted gifts with your loved ones and hopefully spread the word. 

Poppy Watt

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