Fashion Trends That Became Popular Because of Football Players

Fashion Trends That Became Popular Because of Football Players

Fashion Trends That Became Popular Because of Football Players – Modern-day celebrities and famous public figures are responsible for the emergence or promotion of various trends and styles in today’s society. Football players are no exception to this, and over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a distinct correlation between trends and fashion in football. Varying from headwear to shirts, this article looks at a couple of the most recognisable fashion trends that became popular because of football players; read on to find out more.

Baggy Shirts

Although oversized fashion wear is present everywhere you look, footballers have been wearing this trend since the ’90s and have been influencers for its growth in popularity. Although not a very popular on-pitch trend nowadays, many notable football players of our childhood were spotted sporting baggy shirts or jerseys to enhance movement and shots. Oversized fashion has now made an imprint on the modern world of style. Many modern-day celebrity figures have been spotted and snapped by the press sporting English and Republic of Ireland football shirts in homage to the former 90’s style. If you’re an Irish football fan, take a look at the range of retro Ireland jerseys from Classic Football Kit and peruse an array of products fit for any footballing fan. This site allows you to find the perfect gift for a family member or friend.


Although no longer a part of a football uniform, since being banned for health and safety reasons by the International FA Board in 2011, the snood has become an ever-popular fashion trend despite its short-lived time on the pitch. Turned into a movement by Carlos Tevez, who was the main reason for the craze taking off in the UK, the snood boasted function and comfort for footballers suffering from cold necks. 

After snoods were spotted on the pitch, it didn’t take long before many other footballers in the English Premiership, such as David Silva, Mario Balotelli, and Pepe Reina started to sport the popular neckwear. It was even quicker for the general public to begin imitating them. However, the ban brought about many controversial arguments between the International FA Board, the public, and bemused magazine/newspaper article writers. Many reporters labelling the decision as ‘outrageous,’ it certainly made the neck-wear bloom in sales and has made it a staple in winter weather accessorising between men and women alike.

Hairbands or Headbands 

We’re confident that this year’s European Football Championship has led to an overnight influx of sales in the hairbands/headband industries. Made infamous by footballers such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Fernando Torres, these functional hair accessories have become an ever-present staple in the world of fashion trends. A homage to the great players of our childhood who have worn head accessories over the years in countless matches, such as Francesco Totti, Fabio Cannavaro, and Alessandro Nesta, to more modern footballing icons like David Beckham and Neymar da Silva Santos. Varying in sizes, material, and colours, many fashion brands like Nike have jumped onto the hairband/headband trend and even luxury brands like Gucci, as we’ve seen sported by Newcastle’s own Allan Saint-Maximin. Bring the trend home in a much more cost-effective way and live out your very own Jack Grealish fantasy.

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