Do you remember these iconic logos?

Do you remember these iconic logos?

Do you remember these iconic logos? – If you want a dose of nostalgia, then the logo game is a sure-fire way to obtain one. If you’re sifting through brands that might have been a big part of your childhood, you might be amazed that you can still remember them! 

But that’s just the thing about a good logo: they’re memorable and aptly represent the product or service that they belong to. Just like a catchy jingle or a great brand name, a good logo sticks in your head. 

You might be on a long car journey, drive around a corner and catch a glimpse of that big yellow ‘M’, that promises that your stomach will soon be lined with a burger and fries. 

Iconic logos don’t require additional information to tell you who they are and what they do. You see them and you know exactly what you’re going to get. 

So, to play our own version of the logo game, we’ll list some iconic logos, to see how many you can remember.

Microsoft Network Messenger (MSN) 

If you were a bit of an online social butterfly back in the day, then you’ll probably remember the legendary Microsoft Network Messenger (MSN) logo. 

This iconic throwback depicted two avatar symbols, layered on top of each other to represent the brand’s social nature, and its ability to bring people together on the world wide web, through the magic of instant messenger. 

Almost as iconic as MSN’s logo is the nostalgic notification sound that came through your desktop’s speakers when you received a message, what a thrill. 

Oh, to relive the days when you rushed home from school to message the people you’d spent your whole day with. 


Now this one might catch you out. The likelihood is that you can identify the chocolate bars that belong to the Nestlé brand family, like KitKat, Aero and Yorkie, but are you a die-hard chocoholic who can recognise the brand’s logo? 

It might seem a little random since the logo shows a bird in a nest, but it’s actually the family coat of arms of the founder of the company, Henry Nestlé. The name Nestlé directly translates to ‘little nest’ and so, the logo took flight. 

Of course, this brand logo is always secondary to the logo of the specific chocolate, since that’s what we all care about, right? 


A yellow winged shoe and it belongs to the Greek god, Hermes — do you need any more clues? Well, this shoe might belong to an ethereal being, but it also is adopted by the tire manufacturing company, Goodyear. 

All the way from Mount Olympus, Hermes was a messenger, whose job was to transport good news and was renowned for his speed. The company’s founder, Frank Seiberling, was inspired by a statue of the god that was installed in his family home and decided to use this legendary shoe as the logo for his brand. 

You might be disappointed that your car doesn’t take flight if you choose these tyres, but you can’t fault that superb grip. 

What timeless logos stick in your head?

In your lifetime you have been bombarded by thousands upon thousands of logos. We are sure you can easily recall some with clarity (even if they are decades old) and others have faded away in the fog of your memory. 

To continue this game — think of as many logos as you can from your past and try and draw them to see just how many you can accurately remember. 

Have fun with it….

Poppy Watt

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