December Birthstone – Turquoise

December Birthstone – Turquoise

December Birthstone – Turquoise – Each month of the year is represented by their own special gemstone. Turquoise is the birthstone for December.

Cultures around the world have admired the distinct colour of turquoise since ancient times.

The earliest evidence comes from ancient Egyptian tombs, which contain elaborate turquoise jewellery dating back to 3000 BCE. Egyptians set turquoise in gold necklaces and rings, used it as inlay and carved it into scarabs. Most notably, King Tut’s iconic burial mask was extravagantly adorned with exquisite turquoise.

The word turquoise dates back to the 13th century, drawing from the French expression pierre tourques, which referenced the “Turkish stone” brought to Europe from Turkey.


The colour of turquoise ranges from sky-blue to shades of blue-green and green.

Turquoise is found in arid regions where rainwater dissolves copper in the soil, forming colourful nodular deposits when it combines with aluminum and phosphorus. Copper contributes blue hues, while iron and chrome add a hint of green.


Unique Properties

Some turquoise contains pieces of host rock, called matrix, which appear as dark webs or patches in the material. Although this can lower the stone’s value, the uniform “spiderweb” pattern of turquoise can look particularly attractive.

Spiritual Meaning

Turquoise is thought to be a protective stone against evil, danger, and disease that has been used for amulets for centuries. Rings, in particular, are thought to keep away evil spirits, and because of this, turquoise stones represent a happy life filled with good fortune. 

Ancient practitioners believed that turquoise would actually change colour when the wearer was ill or in danger.

It is also said to dispel negative energy and provide protection against pollutants in the environment. The birthstone of December is also thought to enhance intuition, as well as release inhibitions and prohibitions, which allows the soul to express itself. It is a promoter of self-realisation. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise helps you give voice to your wisdom, assist creative problem solving and calms the nerves when speaking in public. 

Healing Properties of Turquoise 

Turquoise has long been considered a great healing stone. When worn near a body part that’s in pain, this energetic stone is said to absorb negative energies. 

A bracelet of turquoise is believed to detoxify the blood as it flows under it.

Hanging a turquoise stone from the neck can help heal asthma, lung, and throat ailments. 

Headaches and ear infections are said to improve if a turquoise stone is worn in the appropriate spot. 

Turquoise, considered feminine in nature, has been used to treat many female disorders. 

How to cleanse your birthstone

It is important to cleanse your birthstone regularly since the gemstone absorbs negative energy from your body and your surroundings. Holding it under running lukewarm water for a short period of time, once a day can do this. You could also visualise a white or golden light surrounding your gemstone and clear away any negativity, as you rinse the birthstone. Do this every morning or evening – especially if you wear your jewellery on a regular basis. To charge your gemstone a little extra, leave it in the direct moonlight during the full moon.

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