Chic & Raw Chakra Candles

Chic & Raw Chakra Candles

Chic & Raw Chakra Candles – Crystals are special… they are thought to promote the flow of positive energies that support healing if chosen correctly. Many of us love our environment to be full of crystal finds, sharing the beauty, magic, and wellbeing they bring to our home. 

To incorporate crystals with a candle and beautiful scent, I feel you have found a match made in heaven!

Beauty and Lifestyle retailer Chic & Raw has created just that, a new experience in luxury candles with crystals and gems matched to French perfumes.

Candles are the perfect home accessory for enhancing your room décor and creating a relaxing, fragrant environment.  Chic & Raw has given this relaxing moment an upgrade by adding crystals and gems to their Crystal Chakra Candle range to enhance the experience. Crystals are well known for their beneficial energies and the vibrations of some crystals are thought to cleanse and balance the chakras.  Since chakras are the subtle manifestation of our spiritual bodies, when the chakras are in balance, we feel more relaxed and peaceful.  If the soothing and energising effects of crystals are combined with specially chosen fragrances the result is even better than using a candle alone for stress relief.

Founded in 2019, Chic & Raw Business owner, Binanti Cuzner, with the help of her husband Darren, decided to create Chic & Raw to express her beliefs in using beauty and harmony to create a peaceful home environment.  The Crystal Chakra Candles are the boutique’s best-selling range, created by Binanti to reflect her 28 years spent learning about meditation and understanding the chakras.  

“I wanted to create a sense of joy and harmony with these candles,” said Binanti, “and I think we might have achieved it.  Our customers have been wonderful, and they tell us how relaxing and beautiful they find them, plus, they also they look great in their homes!  Self-care is very important and now and there is an increasing interest in meditation.  Our products are all about supporting that belief and creating peace and harmony in the home.”

The Chic & Raw candles are made from premium quality natural, non-toxic, paraffin-free soy wax with a burn time is approx. 40 hours. They are infused with sustainable crystal gems, where the crystal energies are combined with French perfume, releasing a spa-like scent, and relaxation to the mind.  

Chic & Raw Chakra Candles

The range contains the following: 

1. Chic & Raw’s Ruby Root Chakra Candle contains a genuine cultured Ruby (Red Corundum). Rubies are associated with spiritual wisdom, protection, vitality, and strength. 

Frankincense Serrata essential oil has long been known for its cleansing and calming qualities. Aroma: Herbaceous and earthy with sweet, pine undertones. 

Use this candle to cleanse negative energy and for new beginnings.  If you are feeling blocked in any part of your life or desiring auspiciousness for new endeavours – this candle supports these occasions.  Also, use if you desire to feel reinvigorated or motivated.  Perfect for the bedroom and bathroom. 

2. Chic & Raw’s Amethyst Sacral Chakra Candle contains two Raw Amethyst Crystals. Amethysts are thought to soothe overactivity and too much thinking.  

Ylang Ylang essential oil has a fresh, floral, sweet aroma making your home smell like a spa!  

Use for creativity, to calm the mind, and draw inspiration from the collective unconscious.  Use while working from home or starting a new project.  Use for insomnia or excessive worry before sleep as part of a night-time ritual.

3. Green Aventurine Nabhi Chakra Candle contains two Green Aventurine Crystals. Green Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, supporting positive energy and helping attract luck, wealth, and abundance into our lives.  

Patchouli has an intense, musky scent that has become fashionable again as a chic statement fragrance, found in many luxury perfumes.

Use as a housewarming or a new home candle.  Burn this candle when desiring better domestic relationships and prosperity for the family.  Good to use in family living spaces such as the living room and dining rooms.

4. Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Crystal Candle contains 2 tumbled, Madagascan Rose Quartz crystals and the fragrance of White Tea and Ginger essential oils.

Rose Quartz is associated with love, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace. Use the candle in meditation or with relaxed attention. Wear or carry afterwards to continue to benefit.

White Tea is a clean and light fragrance. Notes include Lemon, Lime, Basil, Peony and Amber. Ginger essential oil is said to be stimulating and warming.

Use this candle when dealing with emotional pain or upheaval such as loss of a loved one, divorce or relationship troubles.  Use if you are feeling sad or disconnected from others to help lift the spirits.  Best used as part of a self-care ritual such as meditation and bathing.

Having tried the Heart Chakra Candle, Women Talking was super impressed. The product is presented beautifully, making a superb gift idea and the candle was a sheer pleasure to burn.

For more information visit Chic & Raw here

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