Cert: Hospital-Grade Surface Spray

Cert: Hospital-Grade Surface Spray

Cert: Hospital-Grade Surface Spray – There is little doubt that in the world of homecare/surface cleaners that the spotlight has turned to a new generation of super trendy, plant-based surface cleaners and whilst their commitment to refills and the end of single-use plastic is admirable, let us not lose sight of the fact that plant-based cleaners can’t kill COVID which is why Cert’s arrival is real and progressive innovation.

Each bottle of Cert. will be active against Covid-19 for 48 hours but will continue to provide a powerful antibacterial clean for a further 3 days. In the past Homecare, sprays were divided into 2 groups – Over-engineered detergents that kill bacteria but are heavy-handed, not planet-friendly and Plant-based cleaners, that don’t kill viruses but are less harmful to the planet (but use loads of single-use plastic bottles, and have water trapped inside the bottles, so not quite as planet-friendly as you might imagine)

Surface cleaners were one of the unexpected success stories of Lockdown with countless stuck-at-home families opting to go the extra distance when it came to keeping their families safe from viruses and bacteria.  At the outset of Lockdown, home cleaning grew to extraordinary heights and still seems to be a high priority and a constant addition to our shopping lists.

This is positive when it comes to household cleaning, and keeping our homes potentially germ free, however on the flip side, the epidemic has resulted in ballooning volumes of single-use plastic and precious water entrapment.

From our ‘tap abundant’ island, it’s never been easy to get a real handle on the devastating domino effect associated with the lack of fresh drinking water.  Occasionally we witness harrowing drought-related themes on the news but do these alarming images really affect how often we hose our cars or sprinkle our gardens?

The archaic practice of holding precious water hostage in bottles, warehouses, and super-tankers in every imaginable sector from soft drinks to car wash needs to be revisited.  By creating products that happily co-exist with tap water you’re creating a ‘just-in-time’ watery mindset that not only prevents millions of gallons from being needlessly held hostage but reduces the amount of plastic needed to keep this precious life necessity in limbo.  Lighter, water-free products can be inexpensively shipped hither and thither with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Cert manufactures low dose, hospital-grade chlorine tablets which are essential when it comes to killing unwanted bacteria and viruses! Cert technology created by Sussex business Hydrachem is used by both trusted health institutions like the NHS and several of the world’s leading charity institutions.  Cert is a pre-dosed 2-in-1 disinfectant and detergent with a near-neutral PH (6) which means only 5 days after it has been activated with tap water, the chlorine strength will have dissipated to such an extent that it can be safely poured down the toilet, providing one final cleansing function as it goes.

Hydrachem for the record is a leading light in water purification and water disinfection, whose clean water expertise is employed throughout the globe by several of the world’s most high-profile non-profit organisations.

‘Cert was born during the first lockdown,’ confirms Cert sales director, Michael Lawrence. ‘As we surveyed the needless water hijacking place taking place within home cleaning, we are wondering if our global water-based expertise could be put to everyday use in UK households.  We’ve even decided that 10% of all Cert’s bottom-line profits will be ploughed back into water poverty hot spots where Hydrachem operates.’

Women Talking has been using the Cert spray starter kit which consists of everything you need to destroy viruses including COVID-19 and 99.99% of bacteria on every hard surface in your home. This includes 1 x 500ml refillable spray bottle and 18 x Cleaning Tablets, which is equivalent to 18 Bottle Refills.

Simple to use:

Fill your bottle with water

Drop a tablet into the water

Clean and disinfect, destroying 99.99% of germs and viruses including Covid-19.

Refill and reuse.

In essence, Cert is a small, agitating underdog in a vast sprawling Homecare category, but if vocal challenger brands like Cert can have their voices heard, this could lead to a lot of positive ripples elsewhere, because today the three key issues of ever, dwindling freshwater supplies, single-use plastic, and the ever-present spectre of COVID need to be tackled.

For more information visit Cert here

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