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Translation Services

Translation Services: Everything You Need to Know From Video Translation To Transcreation

Translating is a nuanced and complex process which is why it is essential to get it right and for businesses aiming to grow in foreign markets collaborating with an expert translation company is crucial. Professional translation companies help organisations expand globally by ensuring that their message remains relevant across multiple cultures with error-free language that can be understood perfectly by the natives of a targeted country. 

Translation is vital to ensure the spread of information, data, and concepts around the world, and the significance of accurate translation for proper communication between different countries and cultures, across every industry, can be powerful and empathetic. Without translation, the international trade markets could not be what they are today and as new markets appear and develop rapidly on a constant basis, the need for translation services increases. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about translation services, from video translations to transcreations and everything in between as well as why it is vital for your growing business.

Benefits Of Professional Translation Services

There are several benefits from using expert translation services, and if you’re looking to take your company to the next step and advance to the global market, you will most likely understand the value of marketing it to a wide range of prospective customers. No matter what industry your company caters to or what services and products you provide, professional translation services will provide you with a multitude of benefits such as localisation, targeted marketing, and consistency.

Breaking into foreign markets is not always as simple as attempting to offer your services or products in other languages. Many companies fail to make an effort to truly understand a culture they wish to operate in, and a single cultural faux pas is challenging to recover from, which is why expert translations offer an understanding of your target market as well as the language spoken. Localisation is vital, and professional translation companies can help you achieve this, as any message you release will need to be relevant to the audience, which includes the text, images, and even design. 

When it comes to branching out into a new company, it can be challenging to gain the necessary understanding of the local market without the experience and expertise of a professional translation company. As experts, they will also have worked with similar businesses in the same countries that you, which will give you an advantage over other companies who may be trying to cut corners by going it alone. 

Furthermore, expert translation services will also help you keep the same tone and voice throughout all of your translated content. It will also provide you with the necessary tools to maintain awareness of any changes in your targeted country’s culture and language. 

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Project

Once you’ve begun a translation project, you want to get the most out of it. Communicate with the translation company as much as possible and provide them with everything they need to produce the best content. In order to achieve this, you should provide additional reference material related to the subject matter, any previously translated materials, and style guides relating to the target audience and tone of the document, as well as what the use of the finished project will be. You should also provide them with the editable source material, as this will speed up the process and will enable the translator to give you a more accurate word count.

When To Use Translation Services

Many companies use in house employees with language skills or qualifications to translate their global communications, but this can be detrimental to your company brand as these staff members are typically not trained to perform translations. If you want your translations to look professional while remaining accurate to the company brand and increase your reach in foreign markets, your business would need to use a professional translation service. A company that provides professional translation will cover the entire process, which can include a range of services from translating the original source material to publishing the content while maintaining a specific tone and style throughout all communications and across multiple languages.

Types Of Translation Service: Documents

Document translation is a broad topic and involves the interpretation of a wide variety of documents across all industries. However, it is often something many businesses assume can be done quickly with using online machine translation systems, but this typically produces subpar results with multiple mistakes that are frequently confusing to native speakers. Regardless of the industry, your business is in, your documents are typically packed with industry-specific information and terminology which require care and attention to translate accurately into a different language.

Types Of Translation Service: Videos

In today’s modern world, videos are everywhere and are increasingly essential for businesses of all types. It is often thought of as one of the most engaging tools n your marketing strategy, which is why getting your video content right when branching out to the global market is vital. Translating videos in-house is often messy and impractical, especially when dealing with languages that are vastly different from your native language, which is where expert translation companies like Word Connection comes in with Japanese video translation services. You need your video translations to be relatable and digestible to native speakers, which is why it is vital to outsource your translation needed to a reputable company. 

Types Of Translation Service: Transcreation

Typically, you expect your documents, media and other marketing communications to be translated without changes; however, in some cases, doing so would lose the tone, style, and the original message of the source material. In simple terms, transcreation is the repackaging of your source material for foreign audiences and is a specific type of process that requires more than straight translation. Transcreation is more creative and provides translators with more freedom to properly localise their content as it is typically carried out by translators who specialise in the target language and copywriting. This service is useful in marketing and advertising where there may often be nuanced or dual meanings in the slogans or straplines, which will not translate well directly. Instead of doing a direct translation, the highly qualified writers and linguists are able to recreate the spirit and tone of the intended messaging to improve the delivery in the target country.

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