Sparkle For Outdoor Lighting

Sparkle For Outdoor Lighting

Sparkle For Outdoor Lighting – The warmer weather will soon be upon us, and if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, seasonal out-of-doors living will rapidly be resumed.

Alfresco dining, family entertaining and evenings of open-air tranquillity are all wellness opportunities. However, these moments of joy can be enhanced by well-placed outdoor lighting to enhance your dining area, attractive architectural details on your patio, secluded flower beds, a secluded water feature or perhaps the intricate structure of your pergola. Outdoor lighting adds to the natural beauty and energy of your outdoor space. It highlights charming features, illuminates pathways, and creates an alluring ambience.

While your outdoor space may look stunning in sunlight, come evening, its beauty disappears behind darkness. This is when outdoor lighting ideas really come into their own. Not only amplifying your visionary aspect, outdoor lighting increases safety in the garden too.  It can highlight dark corners, and it allow you and others to move around safely in the dark.

Your outdoor space is an important extension of your home. In fact, the creation of an outdoor room is a huge trend in homeownership. No longer made up of only a picnic table, chairs and small grill, an outdoor room is now defined as a multi-functional space that can handle food prep and cooking, is large enough for lounging and dining, and allows you to extend the out of house season. Creating these areas and designing enhanced light schemes around them can greatly increase the value of your home and give your family years of pleasure to come.

Thalia Shaw, the founder, and owner of British Independent online retailer Sparkle Lighting has previously embellished my indoor living space with her battery-powered Fairy Light design, bringing a warm cosy glow to my tea cabinet in the dining room.

This year I have extended this beauty to the garden and a new addition to my herb garden is the Wild Fennel stake light. As the sun goes down, flower beds can fall into complete dimness, and you lose the lovely colour that the garden offers during the day. Dotting solar-powered lights throughout your flower beds can bring the garden back to life at night and create a dramatic backdrop to enjoy your evening outside.

Sparkle For Outdoor Lighting

The versatility of the stake lights is that singularly they are unique and inspiring, either in your garden beds, borders or window boxes or placed in a plant pot to create a statement or you could use several together to create even more impact.

If you choose to use the solar garden stake lights outside in the summer, as an additional option you could move them inside during the winter to bring warmth and sparkle to your indoor space, due to the solar and battery use options.

The solar-powered lights are charged by the sun’s rays during the day, automatically switch on at dusk and offer up to 6 hours of fabulous flower bed lighting, if using the battery option you have a built-in timer (6 hours on, 18 hours off) which I have found extremely convenient.

Sparkle Lighting is a small business with a hand-curated selection of products, making it easy to find quality affordable lights for your living area, bedroom, kids’ bedrooms, garden, or as a present for someone else.

This family-run business was launched after the owner and founder, Thalia, found it difficult to find affordable lights to create the warm atmosphere and soft light she wanted but could also be proud of when entertaining friends.

Their mission is to offer beautiful affordable decorative lights that will allow you to create a stunning, warm glow in your home, garden or wedding and place to be proud of.

All their products are sourced from within the EU and comply with the relevant EU standards. Our light bulbs and fairy/ decorative lights use LEDs and give off a warm and cosy light.

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