Epoxy Resin Tables for Different Interior Styles

Epoxy Resin Tables for Different Interior Styles

Epoxy Resin Tables for Different Interior Styles – Different Interior Styles and Epoxy Resin Tables: Perfect Combinations for Modern, Rustic, Industrial & More.

Discover how epoxy resin tables can enhance your home decor, from modern and minimalist to rustic and industrial styles. Explore our guide on choosing the right wood species and resin designs to complement your interior aesthetic perfectly.

Hey there! Welcome to our fun and informative journey into the amazing world of wooden tables with epoxy resin! You’re probably here because you are as captivated as we are by how these beautiful pieces can totally revamp your living space. So, lets together discover how epoxy resin tables can blend seamlessly into all sorts of interior design styles, be it modern, rustic, industrial, or anything else under the sun!

Modern Interior Style

Modern interior style is all about clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. An epoxy resin table can fit beautifully within this aesthetic by providing a unique, yet unobtrusive focal point. The sleekness of the resin combined with the natural grain of the wood creates a balance that is perfect for a modern interior. It is a piece of art that doesn’t clash with the simplicity of the surroundings but adds an interesting layer of depth to the overall design. Whether its a clear resin table allowing the woods natural beauty to shine or a vibrant piece with coloured resin creating a striking contrast, an epoxy table can enhance a modern interior style while still respecting its core principles.

Epoxy Resin Tables for Different Interior Styles

Wood Species: Maple, walnut, and ash are excellent choices for modern tables due to their smooth grains and uniform appearance.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Clear, metallic silver, black, white.
Designs: River tables with a sleek, straight epoxy channel running through the center. Waterfall edge tables that extend the resin over the edge, creating a continuous flow.

Products from the image: Tables by ThunderWood Studio

Rustic Interior Style

Rustic design is warm, inviting, and grounded in natural materials and textures. Think of cozy cabins and farmhouse charm. In a rustic setting, epoxy resin tables can bring a unique blend of nature and craftsmanship into your home.

Epoxy Resin Tables for Different Interior Styles

Wood Species: Reclaimed wood, oak, and cherry are ideal for rustic tables due to their rich textures and visible grain patterns.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Amber, forest green, deep blue.
Designs: Living edge tables that retain the natural shape of the wood. Ocean tables that mimic the look of a coastline, blending resin waves with the natural wood grain.

Industrial Interior Style

Industrial design is raw, edgy, and inspired by the look of factories and warehouses. It features raw materials, exposed pipes, and a mix of metal and wood. An epoxy resin table can add a sleek yet rugged element to an industrial space.

Wood Species: Walnut, oak, and reclaimed barn wood work well for their robust and rugged qualities.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Smoky gray, metallic bronze, jet black.
Designs: River tables with dark resin mimicking a stream of molten metal. Tables with resin and metal inlays for a gritty, industrial look.

Bohemian Interior Style

Bohemian design is eclectic, vibrant, and full of life. It’s a style that celebrates individuality and creativity, often featuring a mix of patterns, colors, and textures. An epoxy resin table can be a bold and beautiful addition to a bohemian space.

Wood Species: Teak, acacia, and mango wood bring unique patterns and vibrant tones that suit bohemian aesthetics.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Turquoise, magenta, gold.
Designs: Abstract resin patterns with swirling colors. Mixed-media tables incorporating elements like stones, shells, or leaves encased in resin.

Scandinavian Interior Style

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and light, airy spaces. It uses a lot of white, soft grays, and natural wood tones to create a serene and cozy environment. Epoxy resin tables can blend beautifully into Scandinavian interiors.

Wood Species: Birch, pine, and beech are perfect for their light color and fine grain.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Clear, white, light grey.
Designs: Simple river tables with clear resin to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Subtle ocean tables with light blue or white resin to mimic ice or snow.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Style

Mid-century modern design is retro yet timeless, featuring bold colors, organic shapes, and functional forms. An epoxy resin table can fit right into a mid-century modern setting with its unique blend of vintage and contemporary elements.

Wood Species: Teak, walnut, and rosewood are staples of mid-century modern furniture.

Resin Colour and Design:

Colours: Teal, mustard, coral.
Designs: Bold river tables with contrasting resin colours. Waterfall edge tables that showcase organic shapes and vibrant colours.


No matter your interior style, there’s an epoxy resin table out there that can enhance and elevate your space. From the sleek finishes suited for modern homes to the bold, eclectic designs perfect for bohemian settings, these tables are incredibly versatile and customizable.

We hope this guide has inspired you to consider how an epoxy resin table can complement your home’s decor.

Happy decorating!

Poppy Watt


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