Boundless Gut Happy Snacking

Boundless Gut Happy Snacking

Boundless Gut Happy Snacking – Boundless, the champions of ‘gut happy snacking’, has a new venture dedicated to inspiring the nation to create Gut Happy Habits – Gut-ToberTM.

Boundless Gut Happy Snacking

The month of October trademarked “Gut-ToberTM”, is dedicated to inspiring the nation to create Gut Happy Habits with simple but affordable changes. Challenges such as “Plant Power” (a bid to hit your 30-plant target in a week) and “Breathe In, Breathe Out” (encouraging breath work to ease digestion) can be found on their 31-day downloadable Gut Happy Habit Tracker to drive awareness surrounding our gut health.

Boundless prides itself on creating great-tasting products that are kind to the gut. Always activated, the snacks feature 100% natural ingredients and are packed full of gut-friendly fibre and nutrients. The full range is also gluten-free and plant-based based with a huge focus on inclusivity when it comes to gut health.

If you have a gut, you need to look after it! That’s why founder Cathy Moseley started Boundless in 2017. Whilst suffering with her own gut issues she decided that enough was enough – our guts deserved more. Leaving her job as a Commodities Trader in the city, Cathy took snacking matters into her own hands, spending hours in her kitchen perfecting flavour combinations and activation methods ready to take them to a manufacturer. The journey was a tough one – nobody had tried to do quite what she was doing, on this large scale – but she got there eventually, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

The result is her Boundless Baby, a brand on a mission to lead the way in gut-happy snacking, creating mouth-watering Chips and Nuts and seeds mixes to get you feeling gut-happy.

Boundless Gut Happy Snacking

To create good mood food, all Boundless snacks are 100% activated. Activation removes Phytic Acid that sits inside nuts, seeds, and grains, as a result providing people with 95% nutrient uptake.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, the snacks are full of gut-friendly fibre and packed with a range of nutrients (magnesium, zinc, iron & potassium to name a few)

Today, there are eight different flavours in the Boundless snacking family, in a variety of pack sizes, which are: Chips: Sea Salt and vinegar, Chipotle and lime, Smoky Bacon, and Sour Cream and onion

Nuts & Seeds: Orange & Maple Syrup, Sweet Chilli, Smoky BBQ and Salt & Chilli Pepper

The entire range is built for inclusivity – nobody should miss out on snacks that taste good & do good. That’s why Boundless is registered with both the Vegan Society and Coeliac Society as vegan and gluten-free. Boundless has also partnered with & donated a penny per packet to the charity Frank Water which provides safe drinking water, sanitation & hygiene across India & Nepal to forgotten communities. Most importantly, they provide families – and mainly women – independence. A cause so important to founder Cathy, that she even donated to Frank before she began to pay herself a wage.

Now nearly six years in, Boundless can be found in more than 4,000 stores across the UK as well as 11 international markets including Germany, Belgium, and Asia. In the last 12 months alone, the online business has seen more than 400% growth, and the brand has maintained its spot as Amazon’s Choice for Gut Health Snacks for more than two years running.

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