Behind Closed Doors: How the Nation is Entertaining Itself

Behind Closed Doors: How the Nation is Entertaining Itself

The older you get, the less inclined you are to have wild nights out. Although a few sedate glasses of wine with friends still feels like fun, it gets to a point where the ultimate treat is enjoying a quiet night in. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

There are plenty of ladies out there who can sympathise, and all would agree on one thing: although some time to yourself is the ultimate tonic for recharging your batteries, being bored is not productive at all. 

So, wondering what everybody else is getting up to behind closed doors? We did our research and now we have the answers… 


One of the downsides to balancing a busy family life, a hectic work schedule, and keeping in touch with friends is that all of the hobbies you used to enjoy have a habit of falling by the wayside. Reading tends to be one of the first victims, and it’s no surprise when you’re so short on time. That said, you really ought to reintroduce it, so take a look on the bestseller lists, nab yourself a promising novel, and set aside a few hours to read it. According to research, the average American manages to squeeze in 12 books per year, so make like your neighbors and do the same. The chance to escape all of the things that are distracting you will honestly do you the world of good.   


If you’ve never been a bookworm, perhaps another form of media will be more to your taste: a nitty, gritty television series. Netflix has thousands of these for you to pick from, so once you decide to commit, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. The average user watches around 60 movies per year, and we collectively watch around one billion hours each and every week. One especially dedicated viewer even played Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl for 365 consecutive days in 2017, so don’t feel guilty if you want to stock up on junk food, pour yourself a glass of red, and settle down on the sofa for an evening of prime entertainment.   

Online gambling  

If you fancy something with a bit more derring-do attached, what about having a flutter online? According to the statistics, almost half of the population gambles, so you certainly wouldn’t be alone.  Although you might be a gambling novice, there are plenty of handy tutorials to teach you the ropes on the internet, as well as a useful list on this site to point you in the direction of the bonuses that can be used to try new games. We can’t promise you’ll be successful, but we do know you’ll have fun – as proven by the pastime’s huge following. You might even win enough to treat yourself to a much-needed spa day.


Now we know not everyone is a domestic goddess, but when you’re not being forced into the kitchen out of necessity, baking can actually be a pretty fun way to relax too – a view an increasing number of people are getting on board with. Shows like The Great British Bake Off are credited with inspiring this trend, with the number of people buying baking products jumping by 9.7 per centduring the series’ 2017 run (the sharpest spike in recent years). The best part of getting in on the action is you get to eat your efforts when you’re done, and really, what could be better than that? 

Tell us, how will you choose to spend your downtime? 

Poppy Watt

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