8 Reasons Your Hair Might Be Thinning

8 Reasons Your Hair Might Be Thinning

8 Reasons Your Hair Might Be Thinning – Some of us have thin hair. We’re seemingly born that way, with fine hair throughout childhood that never gets any thicker. For many people, both male and female, thin hair is the norm. Just like for others, a thick head of hair is perfectly normal. They both have pros and cons, and just as people with poker straight strands would kill for curls, and those with curly hair spend a fortune on straightening products, we always want what we haven’t got. 

However, thin hair isn’t always normal. If you’ve always had thick hair and it’s suddenly falling out, or your already fine hair seems to be shedding like mad, then there’s probably an underlying cause.


We hear a lot about male pattern baldness, which is common as men enter middle age, but female pattern baldness is probably more common than you think. If your parents (either one) started to lose their hair, chances are you will be at a similar age too. Unfortunately, despite all the products on the market offering amazing regrowth, if you are already looking after your hair and scalp, they are unlikely to help. 

If your hair loss is genetic, your best bet is seeking help from The Treatment Rooms in London, which can help with a fue transplant. A fue transplant is when hair follicles are moved into different areas of the scalp, and it can be an effective way to fight thinning hair. 

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can have a huge effect on hair growth, loss and even the coarseness of individual strands. Many women find that their hair thickens during pregnancy and then falls out much faster than usual shortly after. Menopause can also affect hair, and even where you are in your cycle can have an impact. 


Stress has a huge range of effects on our bodies. If you are feeling stressed, you might find that your hair falls out in clumps, or just that more seems to be shedding when you wash or brush it. Try exercise, talking to friends, and other ways to reduce stress to see if it makes any difference. 

Hot Weather

It’s natural to shed the hair that you don’t need to keep you warm in spring and summer or periods of particular heat. This might also happen if you’ve recently moved to a warmer climate.

Applying Direct Heat

Heat is enormously useful when it comes to drying and styling hair. But you shouldn’t apply direct heat to your hair without first using a heat protection serum, and even then, you should use the lowest heat possible.

Too Many Products

Anything from harsh dyes to seemingly innocent hair spray affects your hair. Try to only use products when you need to and go natural as much as possible. If you do dye your hair, choose products without harsh chemicals. 

Heavy Handed Brushing

Brushing your hair stimulates growth and is a good thing when it comes to thickening your hair, even if a few strands fall out. But hard brushing probably pulls out more than it needs to, as well as causing other damage and breakages. Only ever brush dry hair, use a natural detangling spray if it’s knotty, and choose a soft brush. 

Poor Diet

Vitamin deficiencies and a lack of protein in your diet can also cause hair loss. Try to eat a balanced diet and consider adding a vitamin supplement if you need to. 

If your hair is thinning, there can be many reasons behind it. Thankfully, there are just as many solutions.

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