6 Effective Ways to Combat Rosacea

6 Effective Ways to Combat Rosacea

6 Effective Ways to Combat Rosacea – Have you recently been diagnosed with rosacea? Are you having a hard time coping not only with the diagnosis but the everyday effect it has on your life from a physical and mental standpoint? Rosacea causes your skin to look very red and inflamed and can even cause bumps. This can negatively affect a person’s self-confidence, and there is a physical effect too. Those with rosacea often describe a stinging or burning sensation, often caused when applying skincare products.

To get control of your rosacea, there are several remedies, products, and treatments you can use. Some will offer very noticeable and immediate results, whereas others will accumulate over time. Here are six you can try.

Figure Out What’s Triggering Your Rosacea

Experts usually suggest you start by figuring out what your triggers are. Each person is unique, but in general, some common triggers can cause a rosacea flare-up or cause your symptoms to worsen. Common triggers can include:


Spicy foods





Skincare products


Cold temperatures


Certain medications

Some of these triggers are out of your control, whereas others you have some control over.

Always Protect Your Face

Because people with rosacea start with redder skin, you must avoid sunburn. This means protecting your face any time you are outdoors. Face protection should include a high SPF lotion and a wide-brimmed hat. Make sure to reapply your SPF often, especially after swimming or excessive sweating.

Use Products Meant for Sensitive Skin

Your skincare routine should be made up of gentle products that contain very few ingredients and are fragrance-free. You don’t want your skincare to cause a flare-up. This also means you use a basic skincare routine without a lot of extra steps and products. Keep things simple.

Medications May be Prescribed

In some cases, medication may be prescribed. This tends to be reserved for mild to moderate cases of rosacea. Medications can include oral antibiotics, a topical gel or cream or even an oral acne drug. It depends on your symptoms and how bad the rosacea is.

Step Up Your Treatment Options with a Dermapen Facial

If you want more transformative results, then a dermapen facial can be a great option. Linia Skin Clinic offers a dermapen facial treatment that can target rosacea without any invasive steps. A dermapen works using electricity and features microscopic needles with an astounding 110 revolutions per second. These needles create small punctures on your face, and your body then rushes to repair them using collagen. This treatment can be especially helpful if you’ve already tried other at-home options and seen little to no results.

Makeup Can Help Conceal Flare-Ups

Finally, you can use makeup to help conceal or at least lessen the look of a flare-up. Just like with your skincare products, it’s best to choose gentle makeup that is made for sensitive skin and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. Think lightweight and natural products.

It’s time to give your confidence a boost and get your rosacea under control. By embracing these tips, you’ll be able to do just that.

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