5 Easy Tips for a Brighter Smile

5 Easy Tips for a Brighter Smile

5 Easy Tips for a Brighter Smile – When we meet people, we smile. When we’re happy, we smile. When we’re taking photos, we smile. 

Smiling is an essential gesture in everyday life and can even impact how others see us. Having a great smile also contributes to self-confidence and our overall beauty. In this article, we’ll share with you a few tips to achieving that picture-perfect smile.

Visit a dentist at least every six months

Obviously, visiting your trusted dentist is a sure way to get flawless pearly whites. A regular visit to the dentist ensures minimized instances of cavities and other oral diseases, so even if you’re not experiencing a toothache or other dental issues, it’s still important that you maintain a steady check-up schedule with your dentist. 

In order to ensure that you are able to stay on top of your appointments, it is best to sign up with a dental clinic in your area. If, for example, you live in Gloucestershire, then searching for a dentist in Cheltenham will mean that you are never able to defer your appointments in favour of other commitments.  

Practice good oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is essential to a great smile. Failing to maintain proper oral hygiene can result in yellowing, cavities, gum disease, etc. Brush for at least two minutes, spending around thirty seconds for each quadrant of your mouth. Many might think flossing is an unnecessary step, but flossing can help clean out the hard-to-reach spots between your teeth. You can even add mouthwash to your routine. 

If you have the money, you can even invest in an electric toothbrush. Studies show that these can clean your teeth better, and the added convenience means people tend to brush their teeth longer than they would if they used a manual toothbrush.

Avoid sugary food, soda, coffee, tea, red wine, and cigarettes

Sugar contributes to the breakdown of your tooth’s surface, resulting in cavities and tooth decay. Caffeinated drinks, sodas, and red wines naturally stain your teeth, and if you’re the type to drink coffee every day, your teeth will yellow over time, even with daily brushing. Cigarettes are also bad news if you want a great smile. Here are only a few ways they impact your oral health:

Tooth discolouration

Increased plaque and tartar build-up

Increased risk of tooth loss

Increased risk of oral cancer

Increased risk of gum disease

As you can see, avoiding cigarettes isn’t just something that benefits the aesthetic value of your smile. It also saves you from developing various diseases and maladies. Quitting smoking also improves your overall health since smoking contributes to increased cancer risks in your lungs, bones, stomach, colon, and many more.

Your teeth are the centrepiece of your smile, so if you do your part in taking care of them, you’ll have a smile you’ll be proud of. Consult your dentist for what else you can do to take care of or improve your teeth. There are many products on the shelves that advertise tooth whitening and improved oral health but ask a dental expert first if these are effective. Don’t waste your money on such products and instead invest in the professional services of a licensed dentist.

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