Why is there still a gender gap in the technology sector in 2022?

Why is there still a gender gap in the technology sector in 2022?

Why is there still a gender gap in the technology sector in 2022? – In 2022, gender diversity in the workplace is something both public and private sector organisations need to be taking seriously. Whilst many industries are starting to slowly close the gap, the tech sector is one industry that’s struggling to keep up. In fact, it’s thought that only 19% of the tech workforce are women. This is especially worrying considering that tech is one of the UK’s biggest sectors, raking in a colossal £540bn each year.

But why are so few women choosing tech as a career? We explore some of the reasons below.

  1. A lack of teaching in schools

Firstly, an interest in tech starts at school. To truly alleviate the gender gap in the technology sector, it’s important that girls are empowered to break through stereotypes and encouraged to pursue careers in STEM subjects. As well as teaching coding from a young age, pupils should be encouraged to learn about coding from passionate, capable teachers.

 However, to do this, teachers and schools require more in-depth training on how to effectively teach technology to pupils. Schools also need to invest in more equipment for hands-on teaching. Some good examples include the likes of the BBC Micro:bit which has been praised for bringing technology into schools.

  1. Too many male-led tech companies

Unfortunately, the gender gap in technology is somewhat of a catch-22. As most companies are male-led, this puts off many strong female candidates from working at the company. As such, fewer and fewer women pursue careers in this industry.

Yet, it’s not just getting the job which is the problem. Even when women do choose to take up a job in tech, sometimes female candidates can find themselves feeling excluded due to a difference in interest or even worse, not taken seriously.

All these factors mean that the gender gap in tech is allowed to widen.

  1. A lack of female role models in tech

To encourage more women to pursue careers in tech, it’s important that young women and girls have enough female role models in the industry to look up to.

As girls and boys tend to be treated differently from a young age, it’s important to counteract this with strong role models that encourage women into tech. For example, by ensuring there are plenty of women in executive roles, you can begin to build up a bank of inspiring role models and mentors that ambitious young women can look up to.

Final thoughts…

Although the gender pay gap is 7.9% in the UK, there is hope. With increased awareness around the topic of the gender gap within tech, schools, teachers, and companies are beginning to change their perceptions of women in tech.

Could you be the next female role model?

Poppy Watt

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