What day of the week were you born on?

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What day of the week were you born on?

It has been said that depending on which day of the week you were born could have some significance regarding your personal character.

There is a well know verse which does help to convey this:

Monday’s child is fair of face, 

Tuesday’s child is full of grace, 

Wednesday’s child is full of woe, 

Thursday’s child has far to go, 

Friday’s child is loving and giving, 

Saturday’s child works hard for his living, 

And, the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Looking into the meaning of this little verse, we have a deeper dissection of what it may interpret. But first a brief explanation:

The Greeks named the seven days of the week after the Sun, Moon and five of the major planets, which were in turn named after the gods Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Cronus. The Greeks called the days of the week the Theon hemerai "days of the Gods". The Romans substituted their equivalent gods for the Greek gods, Mars, Mercury, Jove (Jupiter), Venus, and Saturn.

Traditional astrological beliefs seem to suggest that persons born on days of the week ‘ruled’ by a particular planet may possess some characteristics of that ‘ruler’ regardless of whatever may be their Sun-sign. Therefore:

Monday's child  - is "ruled" by the Moon. It is influenced by the colour white and known as Moon’s Day. Monday's child is fair of face. (Mon=Moon, with its 'face')

Since the Moon governs the tides, this is said to be a good day for working on goals, which relate to the emotions and on domestic and purely feminine issues. People born on this day may have the following characteristics’; impressionable, kind, adaptable and modest.

Tuesday's child – is "ruled" by Mars. It is influenced by the colour red and was known as Tiu’s day. Tuesday's child is full of grace. (Tues=Týr, Norse 'God of War' related to the Roman Mars and most likely referring to physical grace.) This is said to be a good day for more energy, greater self-assertion, and on purely masculine goals. As Mars is a fiery planet, it's an excellent day for spiritual cleansing and for getting rid of negativity. People born on this day may have a nature, which is courageous, a born leader, fundraiser or one who is constructive and brave.

Wednesday's child  - is "ruled" by Mercury. It is influenced by the colour purple and known as Woden’s Day. Wednesday's child is full of woe. (Wednes=Woden 'The Wanderer'in Anglo-Saxon Woden, like his Roman equivalent Mercury, is a carrier-off of the dead or a guide for souls. This is the best day for consulting oracles (especially runes) planning magical operations, writing affirmations, and incantations. This is also a good day for intellectual goals. Characteristics of a Wednesday child may be; communicative, versatile, quick, logical and/or gossipy and even unreliable.

Thursday's child  - is "ruled" by Jupiter. It is influenced by the colour blue and known as Thor’s Day. Thursday's child has far to go. (Thur=Thor, Norse god of Thunder equivalent to Jove or Jupiter, might refer to storms traveling) Those born on a Thursday may show characteristics of being honorable, expansive, generous, jovial and sharp-tongued.

Friday's child – is "ruled" by Venus. It is influenced by the colour green and known as Freya’a Day. Friday's child is loving and giving. (Frida=Freyja, Norse 'Goddess of Love' associated with love, beauty, and wealth) This is the perfect day for love and friendship and an excellent day for artists, their creations and selling them. You may show characteristic signs of; affection, sympathetic, caring, social and artistic if you were born on this day.

Saturday's child – is "ruled" by Saturn. It is influenced by the colour black and known as Saturn’s Day. Saturday's child works hard for a living. (Satur-Saturn, Roman god of agriculture and refers to the hard work of a farmer) The planet Saturn rules over restrictions and boundaries, so operations for setting these are favoured. A Saturday child may show characteristics of the following; wise, professional, subdued, dedicated and sometimes jealous.

Sunday's child – is "ruled" by the Sun. It is influenced by the colour yellow and known as Son’s Day.

But the child that is born on Sabbath-day is bonny and blithe and happy and gay. (The Sabbath being Sunday, the day to worship God in many Christian practices, could refer to God favoring those born on his holy day, or may also imply that those born on the Sabbath, a day when no one is supposed to work, go through life without having to work, or at least work hard or worry, and therefore are happier.) This is the best possible day to initiate magical activities. Good for all goals, but particularly those, which relate to healing and success. Those born on a Sunday maybe creative, bold, noble and proud.

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