Liforme Fully Customisable Yoga Mats

Liforme Fully Customisable Yoga Mats

Liforme Fully Customisable Yoga Mats – How good did I feel, utilising my special edition Red Dragon Yoga Mat at a recent yoga class? Representing good fortune, my new mat with a complimentary carry case did add a little positivity to my weekly routine.

Over the last 15 years I have been a regular yoga class attendee, not only fantastic for your health, wellness, and mind, it keeps my back problems in check and has always been a good source of socialising. I have tried a selection of yoga mats, but nothing has been as intuitive as Liforme. For the first time ever during a class, I felt grounded. The mat and I worked as one. There was no fear of slipping and consequently, I found my balancing moves felt solid and controlled and my poses and posture improved.

Representing good fortune, my new mat with complimentary carry case did add a little positivity to my weekly routine.

Liforme mats have an amazing non-slip surface that I loved, whilst providing firm stability and soft cushioning with a natural rubber base.

Whilst on his own personal journey, founder James Armitage revolutionised the yoga world with his eco-friendly mats. He spent 5 years developing their GripForMe technology, using high quality, non-toxic and planet-friendly materials, which maintain their grip event when ‘sweaty- wet’ and represent a huge leap forward from the slippy, non-degradable plastic mats, which could take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade and contain toxic, harmful chemicals.

In fact, the specially engineered top surface wicks away moisture from your hands, so the more you sweat, the GRIPPIER your mat becomes.

A patented waterproof barrier layer prevents any moisture from making its way through the top surface and into the rubber base – making your mat much more hygienic and easier to clean.

Not only amazing grip the mats feature intelligent guides to prompt your alignment when necessary.

James like many learnt Asana Yoga and found that different teachers gave different alignment cues when teaching this technique. Quite often those cues would amount to directions for the positioning of hands, feet, or other body parts in a certain place on the mat. He developed the AlignForMe system, which is printed on the surface of the mats and works as a navigational tool for your yoga practice.  The combination of intelligent markers gives you as much, or as little, guidance as you may need.

Taking bespoke yoga mats one step further the latest revolution in yoga mat technology allows customers to create a product that perfectly suits their body and style of practice while reflecting their personality through its design.

The new range can be customised from top-to-bottom using an online mat builder and state-of-the-art AR technology, allowing buyers to choose the colour, theme, line design, sidebars, end lines, reverse points, and toppers.

Finally, buyers can ‘sign’ their mat, choosing the wording, font, and colour to create a truly one-off piece.

Liforme founder, James says: “Our brand and business is dedicated to putting customers first. So, we focus on functional and truly useful design, quality, sustainability, and good business ethics.

“We also appreciate beautiful design and the fact everyone has their own unique style and taste. Now, with Liforme x You, we can give our beloved customers and community the best of both worlds.

“This project has been years in the planning, and we are very excited to finally launch this latest, meaningful innovation and hope it will encourage many more people to pick up or get deeper into the life-changing practice of Yoga.”

“Using state-of-the-art AR technology, customers will also be able to see the mat in their own home or studio before clicking purchase – giving you the ultimate control over how the mat fits into your home and lifestyle”.

To create your own design, head to Liforme and follow the step-by-step process.

Poppy Watt

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