INUIKII sustainable footwear with style

INUIKII sustainable footwear with style

INUIKII sustainable footwear with style – Footwear is an integral part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are a key accessory to transform your outfit and lift your mood in an instant. shoes become an extension of a woman’s body and in the process, they say a lot about our social status, sexuality, ethics as well as attitude.

It’s an indisputable fact, that we love footwear. Some women prefer the elegance of high heels; some women love shoes that are playful and colourful, and others love the practicality of a loafer, brogue, or ballet pump design. The choice and selection on the market are vast, which can make your footwear as individual as you are.

Women Talking looks at INUIKII, an independently owned luxury footwear brand with style and sustainability at its heart.

Designed in Switzerland, each pair of shoes are handmade in Europe using only European materials, meaning that each pair is unique and finished to the highest of standards.

Ranging from vegan to woven slippers to iconic timeless classic sneakers, and boots INUIKII has catered for all weathers and individual tastes in footwear.

Founded by Cinzia Maag and her sons Danilo and Alessio in 2013, INUIKII was initially a brand for the colder months, when both style and function is key but has since gone on to make state-of-the-art curated footwear for all seasons, keeping not only durability and style but also sustainability and practicality in mind.

Both the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections feature INUIKII’s patented recyclable 100% natural anti-slip rubber sole, providing not only comfort but also an extreme grip for all weather conditions creating maximum functionality for the city and outdoors.

I was particularly taken by the Braided Black Leather Slipper, sporting a timelessly simple design and featuring, as with all their summer sliders a unique footbed, that is embedded in all their summer slides and sandals which provide exceptional support for your medial arch, metatarsal arch, and lateral arch.

The design team at INUIKII are constantly looking for new materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. INUIKII is proud to be one of the first footwear brands to use BANANATEX, which is the world’s first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from banana plants.

Cultivated in the Philippines with a natural ecosystem of sustainable forestry, the plant requires no chemical treatments and is fully biodegradable. The brand has also recently introduced its very first fully vegan shoe, made solely of wastage from Italian vineyards. Utilising grape skins, stalks and seeds that would otherwise be discarded during the winemaking process.

Quality, fun and sustainability are always kept front of mind when they design a new collection experimenting with fine-quality leathers and unusual materials, which is why this brand caught our eye.

Whether you treat your shoes as a work of art, to look at and admire, or as a trusted friend always by your side, they are and always will be an essential part of our lives.

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