International Make-Up Brand Flormar Launches in the UK

International Make-Up Brand Flormar Launches in the UK  – The fashion-forward cosmetic brand Flormar is the number one makeup brand in Turkey; they have enjoyed success throughout Europe and are now ready to storm the UK market, with a launch into 11 Primark stores nationwide this March including Oxford Circus, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Founded in Milano, the capital of the fashion industry, Flormar was acquired by the Şenbay Family in the year 1970, it became an indispensable brand for women with its yearly production of 120 million units, as well as its wide range of products consisting of blushes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, accessories, and skincare products. They offer a wide range of colourful, high-quality products based on women’s expectations. By creating fashionable and reliable products.

Millennium Milli has the opportunity to try a selection of the range.

“I have always had a fascination with makeup and try to source brands that are a little bit different yet still affordable and good quality. I love playing with colour and creating new makeup looks that reflect my mood. As a creative person, I aim to try and stand out and makeup has always been a way that I have expressed myself.”

Flormar Triple Action Mascara 3in1 RRP £8.95– due to its innovative brush and special formula this mascara can be used as three different mascaras all in one bottle.

The unique design of this product allows you to create curled, extended or volumized lashes. This mascara is also enriched with argan oil and olive oil, which smoothens, nourishes and strengthens the lashes.

On top of the lid, there is a twisting mechanism that allows you to customise the brush to whatever setting you prefer with indicators of how to do so.

With a matching wand and metallic rose gold presentation box, the mascara has a look and feel of luxury.

Benefits – The 3in1 mascara is an outstanding product, one that I will definitely be repurchasing as it manages to separate all of my lashes and no matter how many layers of mascara I put on, it never clumps or weighs down my lashes at all. 

The function of the customisable brush is something, that is very innovative and has proven to be surprisingly successful! 

The advanced pigments in all of their products also provide intense colour and a dramatic effect. The added oils in their formula make a huge difference as it certainly nourishes and smoothens. 

Flormar SuperShine Lipstick RRP £2.80– Offering protection to the lips with its special formula this lipstick has a creamy texture that adds extra shine to the lips and is ideal for sensitive skin. 

Benefits – The lipstick is a great product that gives my lips even colour and great texture. I have been able to wear this lip product easily throughout the day without any concerns of touching up.

Flormar Powder IlluminatorRRP £9.95– this is a natural-looking illuminating powder with a shiny finish, giving a radiant appearance, along with its silky texture. Packaged in classic black packaging and branded in white

The Illuminating Powder and the SuperShine Lipstick both come in classic black packaging branded in white, giving it a very sleek look. The illuminating powder has a semi-circle transparent window on the lid, which allows you to see the product inside. Both the powder and lipstick have very functional packaging.

My star rating: ★★★★★

Millennium Milli

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